5 years on

How time can go so fast! Today marks the 5th anniversary of my Mum’s death. I still remember the day like yesterday, the day my whole life shifted forever. I was 5 days shy of my 30th birthday, a more reflective time than I had previously imagined. Launching into my 30’s in such a way has taught me to appreciate life, take the ups and downs as they come and to not sweat the small stuff.

The 5 years have been so beautiful but oh so hard. With the birth of our second I craved my Mum. Whenever I have been sick I had wanted her more than anything. When I was laying in the helicopter 3 weeks ago willing myself to keep breathing I could feel her prescence. She was flying high in the clouds with Dad and I as we made the ride that would save my life.

I have a greater appreciation of how incredibly frustrating it must have been for her to leave this world. To not see her grandchildren grow up would have been so hard. But I also know that she was surrounded by the people she loved. Not everyone is afforded this way to pass away, many have no friends or family to be there. So in this the anniversary of her passing I thank goodness for having our chance to say goodbye and tell her how much we love her.

If life has taught me anything it would be to hold your family and friends close because when it comes down to it you will only hold onto that.

Kate xx

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