Helping families is our number one aim with this blog and we love to hear feedback on how they had an amazing holiday to Bali with their kids. Here a few families have shared their experiences of booking their family holidays to Bali and how we have helped guide them along the way.

Guy, Dad of 4 kids, Australia, 2017

Going overseas for the first time on a family vacation is a very exciting time but can also be quite daunting at the same time if you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing.

We decided to choose Bali as the destination of our choice. Why? I think the weather played a big part in our decision but also the fact that with a family of 6 it was probably one of those affordable places for us to try.

Once we chose our destination it was time to do some research. Luckily enough we stumbled across Rolling along with kids in Bali on Facebook. A blog written by Kate. Kate has so much experience in Bali as she has travelled there a number of times. She gave us all the tips from booking flights to whether we stay in a hotel or villa. She gave us tips on nannies to use if we wanted some time out together and even great places to visit and see. This along with the safety tips like when exchanging money make sure you’re careful when they are counting it back that you don’t get duped. Just little things as we were looking at a language barrier when over there.

With Kate’s help, all the worry of holidaying overseas for the first time was completely taken away and we could just get on with enjoying our first family vacation.

For anybody out there wanting to know anything about Bali with kids, jump on Kate’s blog as she certainly knows everything and more about this amazing holiday destination.

And in finishing, we loved this place so much we are about to embark on our second trip there soon. Once you go you’ll fall in love with the place.


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Kate xx

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