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Arriving into Bali International Airport you never quite know how long it will take to get through! We have flown into Bali many times and have encountered long waits for our luggage, huge immigration lines and even having to catch the bus after we landed from the tarmac to immigration. Other trips have been easy and we have made it through the airport to our driver in a short period of time. If it is your first time to Bali or the first time with kids and you are wanting assistance, the VIP service with Klook is fantastic.

How to book Bali Airport VIP Service with Klook

  • Setting up an account with Klook is really easy, you go to their website and fill in the sign up form. I also highly recommending downloading the Klook App before you go. It will send a text message with an activation code so this is best done in your home country.
  • You will be sent through a confirmation email and in the bookings section of your App you will have all of the details too. You can also put the voucher into your Apple Wallet.
  • For your booking it will ask you if you want arrival or departure assistance, we chose arrival.
  • It will also ask you for a phone number. I download WhatsApp and used my mobile phone number from home with the Australia country code in front of my mobile minus the first zero, ie: +61 4** *** ***
  • It will also ask for your flight number so they can meet you at the gate and in case your flight is delayed. The assistance team will be able to track when your flight will land.
  • Please note, that all passengers will be charged at the same rate even babies.
The voucher we received after booking with Klook

What happens when you land at Bali Airport?

Below I will detail what our experience was through the airport in 2019. Things may have been adjusted post covid.

  • We landed from Singapore on a Jetstar Asia Flight and our flight was allocated a set of stairs on arrival. This meant we had to take a bus to the immigration area.
  • When we came down the stairs from our plane, 2 Klook staff were waiting with a sign with my name. They escorted us to a private van and whisked us away to the doors through to the immigration area.
The private van just for us!
  • They then escorted us through to immigration and showed us the line to use which was reserved for Under 5’s, Over 60’s and disabled passengers.
  • Once we finished the immigration formalities, they walked us through the duty free shop that had drinks and snacks to a lounge near the baggage carousels.
  • The lounge had plenty of seats and they gave us a cool, wet hand towel and a bottle of water each.
Bali VIP Airport Service
Charlotte very happy with the VIP treatment!
  • They then asked for our luggage receipts from Singapore but I couldn’t find them so I showed them a photo of what our luggage looked like.
  • Then the best part of the whole process, we were able to wait in the lounge while they collected our suitcases! Mason was tired and not at all happy so this was fantastic to prevent a meltdown.
Bali airport vip service
Waiting in the lounge for our luggage
  • Once they had our luggage they came and collected us from the lounge, we gave them the customs declaration form and they escorted us through the quicker line at customs.
  • They pushed our luggage all the way through the airport which let us focus on the kids and in particular Mason.
Klook Bali
The guys from Klook VIP service
  • We finally made our way out to the waiting drivers where our Klook driver was waiting with a sign. He also provided us with a great service and you can book your airport transfers with Klook here.
  • Such a great service from the 2 staff pictured below, I was so tired that I’ve forgotten their names!
Bali VIP
Our Klook driver waiting for us

How long did it take us to get through the Bali Airport?

Unfortunately the staff can’t hurry up the process of getting through the airport as the luggage is what takes the longest time. Definitely one bonus of taking hand luggage only but we never seem to manage it!

Here is some times of our arrival into Bali Airport and I would say it was an average sort of night for the Bali Airport. It wasn’t really busy or really quiet.

  • Disembarking down the stairs from the Jetstar Plane: 6:38pm
  • Walking through the doors into Immigration: 6:42pm
  • Arriving into the lounge after Immigration: 6:55pm
  • The Klook staff collecting us from the lounge with our luggage: 7:25pm
  • Meeting our Klook driver: 7:35pm

So overall it was a pretty smooth arrival into Bali. The timings have been similar to our last 3 trips and the luggage always takes the longest!

For us having the VIP Assistance was just what we needed on our arrival to Bali. It made our arrival so much smoother and we didn’t have to contend with a Mason meltdown in front of a whole lot of people. Win Win!!



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Kate xx

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