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We love to experience new things in Bali and the Bali Buddies Village Tour was something that I was really looking forward to on our October 2019 Bali family holiday. My expectations were met and then exceeded with it becoming my favourite activity that I have ever done in Bali!

What happens on the Balinese Village Tour?

We were due to be picked up at 8:30am from our villa as we were staying in Canggu. Our driver had car trouble before he arrived to us so another driver was sent by the Bali Buddies team. We were picked up at 9:45am and the delay in starting didn’t effect our experience.

The drive to Pacung Sangeh Village took about 50 minutes and had beautiful rice paddy views on the way. The van was air-conditioned and the Bali Buddies team can organise car seats for the younger kids too.

Bali Buddies Transport
Our van to the village
Bali village
Arriving in the village

On arrival to the village we were met by our host and tour guide Eric. He has a beautiful personality and was more than happy to answer any questions we had on the Balinese way of life. As we were slightly late we enjoyed a traditional morning tea on arrival and met the 2 other ladies on our tour, a mum and daughter from Australia. The morning tea had so many yummy things and Eric prepared a fresh coconut for us.

Bali Buddies Tour Morning Tea
Morning tea
Balinese Fruits
Yummy Balinese Fruits
Bali Buddies Village Experience
Eric preparing a fresh coconut
Bali Buddies
Fresh Coconut
Bali Buddies Tour
Charlotte loved the fresh mango

We then had a tour of the family compound and Eric explained how it was all set up. The kids thought the pigs were especially cute if not a bit smelly!

Balinese culture
The kitchen
Bali Buddies Tour
Eric showing us around the family compound
Bali Buddies Tour
Me, Charlotte, my niece Ava and sister in law Lauren
Balinese House
Beautiful detail
Balinese Tour
The families temple
Bali Buddies Tour
With Eric outside the temple gates
Bali Buddies
The kite that Eric was making for the kite festival
Balinese family
The pigs!

Next we had a go at making a Canang Sari. These are the offerings made each day by the Balinese Hindus. The girls loved learning the process and took great pride in placing their flowers to make the Canang Sari.

Making canang sari
Eric explaining canang sari
Making Canang Sari
Flowers for the canang sari
Canang Sari
Refreshing coconut while we made our canang sari
Canang Sari
The ladies helping Charlotte make a canang sari
Canang Sari
Bali offerings
Offerings made

We were then driven a short distance to take in the beautiful views of the local rice fields. This was definitely the real Bali and not a tourist in sight!

Bali Buddies
Eric leading the way
Bali with kids
Beautiful rice fields
Bali rice fields
Eric explaining how his family uses the land
Such a beautiful spot
Bali rice fields
Rice field views

We got back in the van and drove 5 minutes to a warung for lunch. The food was delicious and the drinks icy cold. Lots of space for the kids to run around here.

Bali Buddies
View from lunch
Bali Buddies
Such a relaxing spot
Bali Buddies
Charlotte and Ava in the nest
Bali Buddies
Lunch is included in the tour

Bali Buddies

Bali Buddies

Bali Buddies
Charlotte was very impressed with her chips!
Bali Buddies
Fried rice

Next was the final stop of our trip, a beautiful waterfall and holy water site. What an amazing place! It was a short walk from the car park down a few stairs to the entrance of the waterfall. We changed into our bathers and placed our belongings into a locker.

Bali Buddies
Following Eric in our van to the waterfall temple
Bali Buddies
Walking down to the temple
Bali Buddies

We were dressed with a sarong and sash then walked the short distance to the entrance of the waterfall for the traditional blessing at the temple that sits near the top of the waterfall. Eric used incense to perform a ritual to cleanse our bodies and spirits. Our offerings were used that we made early in the day. This was nothing short of emotional as Eric took us through the ritual.

Bali Buddies
After changing we walked down to the temple area
Bali Buddies
Getting a blessing to enter


Please note: If women are mensturating they are unable to enter the temple area. You would need to wait at the entrance (there is plenty of places to sit and drinks to purchase for a cheap price)

We then walked down the steps past the waterfall to the hidden canyon where Eric showed us the process of the water purification ceremony. Such a beautiful place and the water nice and cool. Such a beautiful experience to share with Charlotte.

Bali Buddies Village Experience
Charlotte and Ava before the water purification
Bali Buddies Village Experience
So beautiful
Bali Buddies Village Experience
Bali Buddies Village Experience
I’m about to receive a water blessing
Bali Buddies Village Experience
Water blessing

After we yelled at a wall in the waterfall, this helps to rid evil spirits, we walked to the top temple where rice was placed on our foreheads for good fortune and prosperity.

Bali Buddies Village Experience
Yelling at the waterfall
Bali Buddies Village Experience
Waterfall fun!
Bali Buddies Village Experience
Final part of our water purification ceremony

At the end of the ceremony, Eric tied a bracelet made of tricolor string called a benang tridatu around our wrist. It is believed that this string will protect us from bad energy as we are under the constant protection of the Gods.

Bali Buddies Village Experience
An amazing experience
Bali Buddies Village Experience
I feel so blessed to have shared it with Charlotte

Is it suitable for kids?

Yes! Charlotte loved the experience, she was 8 years old at the time, and younger kids are more than welcome. The family at the Balinese village are so lovely and there is room for the kids to move around.

Bali culture
The family compound

We decided that Mason needed quiet time back at the villa as we had been very busy on our trip. He would have been fine but he may have got a bit hot and bothered. It was quite hot the day we went on the experience, even the Balinese were feeling the heat! The vans are air-conditioned and the water cleansing ceremony is perfect to cool down.

Bali Buddies Village Experience
Charlotte with the offerings

During the full cleansing ritual in the Holy Water, there are steps down to the river area. There isn’t a huge amount and Eric helps the kids walk down. Strollers can be used during the tour except during this part.

Bali Buddies Village Experience
Walking down to the river

Things to take on the tour

Bali Buddies supply transport, morning tea, lunch guide and all the activities we did.

Things to take:

  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Towel and bathers
  • Camera (I would recommend taking a water proof cover for the water purification ceremony)
  • Small rupiah notes in case you want to buy a drink at the temple or to leave a donation
  • We also gave Eric a small tip at the end
  • The tour is suitable to wear sandals
  • If you have young kids or a baby take a stroller or you could wear them in a sling

How much does it cost?


$92.50 AUD per adult

$50 AUD per child (3 – 12 years old)

Kids under 3 free

How much does it cost? Price: $92.50AUD per adult $50AUD per child (3 – 12 years old) Kids under 3 free

We highly recommend the Bali Buddies Balinese Village Tour Experience and will take the whole family next time! Put this on your list of things to do in Bali with kids. Contact Bali Buddies through their website if you would like to book too. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Kate xx

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We received a discount rate for our tour but all thoughts in this review are our own.

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    What a great way to experience life in Bali!

      • Kate
      • January 11, 2020

      It was such a great day x

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    Very insightful article, keep it up 🙂

    • Allie
    • May 13, 2023

    Love to know if you think someone with trouble with hip pain could manage the steps?

    Thank you

    1. Reply

      Hi Allie,
      The steps for the cleansing ritual are a bit tricky but are might be ok.

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