Bali Holiday May 2013 – Canggu

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I love sharing our experiences from our Bali holidays and here is the first instalment from our latest family holiday to Bali. Enjoy 🙂

Sunday 19th May

The day was finally here, we were heading back to Bali again! This time we had a family of newbies with us, Mr and Mrs Mc, Miss 3 and Mr 18mths. We flew on JQ35 from Melbourne with our flight departing 10 minutes late at 6.45pm. The flight was long with 3 toddlers that decided sleep wasn’t very appealing but we arrived in one piece and breezed through customs with only a short wait. We found our 2 drivers and headed to Villa Linjong in Canggu. The drive took about 40 minutes and the newbies had their first taste of Bali. After not sleeping all flight Charlotte finally passed out in the van and didn’t wake until 7am the next morning. We all crashed into bed and woke the next morning to the most beautiful surroundings.

197 (478x640)Ready to go!!

201 (478x640)This should be fun!!!

Monday 20th May

210 (640x478)Pool and gardens at Villa Linjong

208 (478x640)Outdoor area with pool fence at Villa Linjong

307 (640x478)Outdoor bathroom Villa Linjong

311 (640x478)Downstairs bedroom Villa Linjong

As soon as the kids were up it was straight into the pool and there they stayed for most of the day. We met our lovely Ketut who made us the most wonderful breakfast of fresh fruit, Balinese coffee and bacon and eggs each morning. She was the most lovely lady playing with the kids and doing our laundry which was most appreciated by us mums!!’

217 (478x640)Yum yum, watermelon for breakfast!!

220 (478x640)Loving the pool!!

021 (480x640)Do we ever have to leave?!?

237 (478x640)Cousin chill out time

I headed for a walk to Echo Beach to change some money and buy a couple of supplies. Echo Beach is a lovely spot with around 5 restaurants and a couple of shops and massage places. It took about 10 minutes in the heat and my poor pregnant feet where a bit hot and bothered by the time I went to head back so I used one of the transport guys waiting. Paid 40000rp which was a set price anywhere in Canggu which I knew was a rip off but I was too hot and bothered to care. Had a chat to the driver and he said their boss sets the prices then takes 30% and I was his first trip all morning.

So back to the pool to cool off and a nap in the bale and I was back in to Bali mode. Us mum’s snapped up the first opportunity to have some kid free time and headed to Think Pink Nails in Batu Belig. It was manicure and pedicure time and great to sit back and relax. Traffic along Jalan Raya Canggu was quite congested and it took us 30 minutes each way.

239 (640x478)Think Pink Nails

That night we headed to Echo Beach House for dinner and enjoyed the food and sunset views. The food was delicious and the chips tasted like they had been made in an air fryer, they were crunchy but not soggy. The kids loved them and us adults enjoyed the seafood. We had organised our wonderful nanny Berta to come with us and I’m glad we did as the steps and drop off were very steep with 3 toddlers around!

246 (640x478)Berta with the girls

250 (640x478)Dinner at Echo Beach House

261 (478x640)Yummy food!

257 (478x640)My gorgeous family

Tuesday 21st May

The next morning I woke early at 6am and enjoyed sitting back having a coffee as the sun rose and the kids were still in bed. Definitely my favourite time of the day, taking in the different smells and sounds of early morning Bali. Today we were off to Waterbom Park and I wasn’t sure who was more excited, the kids or the dads!! The drive out of Canggu was very slow once again and it took us a good hour to get to the park. Once again poor Charlotte had a vomit in the car but I was well prepared on this trip with wipes and towels on hand!! When we arrived at 9.30am it was straight through and we headed down to the kids area to see if there were any Gazebos free. Well we were in luck and only 3 had been taken so settled in to a family sized one. I did notice by 11am that all the gazebos in the area were taken. Was great having our nanny Berta with us for the day, she swam with the girls and they had her going up and down the slides all day!

276 (478x640)My one and only waterslide for the day!!

293 (478x640)What more could a kid want, ice cream and water slides!!

289 (478x640)Oh and popcorn of course!!

340 (478x640)Pizza for dinner on the ground of course!!

While we were in Kuta us mum’s headed to Wina Optical to order some new sunglasses prescription lenses. I took my Versace sunglasses and after a quick eye test Henri quoted me 240000 rp to change the lenses over. He was such a lovely gentleman offering us water when we arrived and when I went to buy a cheap pair of sunnies, so I had something while mine were being changed, he wouldn’t take any money for them. Back to Waterbom for some lunch and a cool off. Once again the trip back was slow and long. Had takeaway pizza for dinner from Pizza House which was tasty and cheap. We all crashed into bed early as a big storm hit which left us without power for 2 hours.

Wednesday 22nd May

After a lovely night sleep Mrs Mc and I escaped the villa leaving the energetic toddlers with the dads. We were booked in for a cooking class at Sate Bali located at Echo Beach. It just so happened that we were the only 2 in the class so had a chef each!!

317 (640x478)Sate Cooking Class

323 (478x640)Got my chef on!!

327 (478x640)Yummiest pork that I ate way too much of!!!

333 (478x640)Yummy coconut pancakes

339 (478x640)Dessert platter

We had a great time and the class was as hands on as you wanted to make it. They had done a fair amount of prep before we arrived and I found myself sitting watching quite a bit as my poor pregnant legs were quite tired. It was in a lovely spot to cook as we were overlooking Echo Beach and the breeze cooled us down a bit. The food was so delicious and my major weakness of pork belly ensured I left bursting at the seams!!!

Back to the villa and we had organised 2 ladies to come and give us girls a massage. It was so relaxing laying in the bale and was one of the best massages I have had. They charged us 140,000 rp for the 2 one hour massages but we handed over 200,000rp as we were so happy with them. Dinner that night was takeaway delivered from Echo Beach House. Another early night with another storm sweeping through.

Thursday 23rd May

The Dad’s finally got organised and headed off on a half day adventure with Bali Dirt Bike Tours. They were picked up at 7.30am and told not to come back unless they were in one piece!! Mr Mc is well known as ‘the flip it’ guy, if it has wheels he is bound to flip it!! Us girls headed into Seminyak with the villas driver Merta and dropped Charlotte and Miss 3 off at the Cubbyhouse Kids Club at Semara Resort. Before we could even say goodbye they were inside painting and loving it.

347 (640x478) (2)Girls painting at the Cubbyhouse Kids Club

We then headed to Seminyak square to have a shop for a couple of hours. I love the brand Indigo kids so bought a couple of dresses for Charlotte. Poor Mrs Mc then blew a thong so I sent her in to the nearest AC shop as she had mr 18mths asleep on her back and went in search for a new pair. New pair of thongs/flip flops sorted and back to the Cubbyhouse to pick up the girls. We then headed across to Biku for high tea. Was lovely and the kids high tea was very cute. The staff are fantastic with kids and brought over textas and colouring paper.

349 (640x478)High tea at Biku

352 (640x478)The girls loved it!

Back to the villa as the kids needed a sleep. The dads arrived back bruised and battered but in one piece. They had a fantastic time but found it hard work as they were riding smaller bikes than they usually ride. They highly recommend it to any dirt bike riders out there and said they got a great look at the countryside but being boys took no photos to show us!!

Our nanny Berta and her friend Debbie came to the villa at 3pm as it was adults night out, woohoo!! We headed to Potato Head and once again the traffic was slow and took us 30 minutes. We arrived and the day beds were covered up as there had just been a storm through. It had cleared by the time we sat down and I ordered my mocktail while the others tucked into a cocktail or 3. It was so lovely to sit and watch the world go by with no kids running around but unfortunately the sunset was nonexistent with the next storm that was brewing. We all enjoyed our food and Mrs Mc especially loved her chocolate mousse. About 7:30pm anther storm hit so we headed home.

359 (478x640)Mocktail time

357 (478x640)Jed and I loving our night out Potato Head

365 (640x478)Wild weather


Friday 24th May

We woke to our last morning at Villa Linjong and tucked in to another delicious breakfast before heading to Sanur. We were so sad to say goodbye to Ketut and the poor thing was crying as we were leaving. She had such a wonderful and caring soul.

381 (478x640)Early morning strolls with rabbit

388 (640x478)Last breakfast at Villa Linjong

107 (640x478)Saying goodbye to beautiful Ketut

Kate xx

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