Bali June 2015 – Seminyak Part 2


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The second half of our Seminyak stay was just as good and some seriously awesome Seminyak cafe and restaurants visited!

Wednesday 10th June

What a fun day today was!! My sister had won, through a facebook competition, 4 day passes and 1 million Rp for food and beverage at the Canggu Club. When we arrived at 9:30am we headed to the Splash Canggu Waterpark and were surprised about how quiet it was. During the day it did get a bit busier but nothing like Waterbom!! We had a great day, much better for the toddlers than Waterbom Bali and some easier slides for us mums!! Food was yummy and the big boys enjoyed playing pool in the AC bar while the boys slept in their strollers. My only issues were its not as shady as Waterbom Kuta and the tiles were quite slippery getting into the kids pool area. Also take towels with you as they charge 40,000rp per adult towel and 20,000rp per child towel. You also need to leave a deposit, I just left the credit card with them. Overall a great time and we were too tired to even try out the bowling or trampolines across the road!

1183 (640x640)Kids zone at Splash

1184 (640x480)Kids area

1186 (480x640)Mason taking Berta for walks!

1188 (480x640)Lunch with Berta

1223 (480x640)1224 (480x640)Menu by the pool

1225 (480x640)Kids menu

1226 (480x640)Kids menu

1196 (480x640)Charlotte and Jed loving the slides!!

1229 (480x640)Fun in the pool

1231 (480x640)Charlotte loving the swing!!

1211 (480x640)Relaxing while the boys were napping and Charlotte on the slides with Berta

1221 (640x480)Daddy daycare in the bar

1214 (640x480)Lap pool at Canggu Club

1220 (640x480)Canggu Club

Arrived back at the villa and needed a quick nap. All the adults then headed off at 4:30pm to watch the sunrise at Double six rooftop. We had booked at pod to sit at and it was amazing!! We ordered a couple of the big egg cocktail jugs and yummo!! We spent a couple of hours there and it cost $100 per couple so not so bad.

1234 (640x480)View from Double 6 rooftop

1254 (640x480)Enjoying a few drinks!

1245 (480x640)La Luna Italia

1258 (480x640)View over the resort


1265 (640x180)Amazing view!!

1259 (640x480)Inside the rooftop

1261 (640x480)View coming out of the toilets

1305 (640x480)Enjoying the sunset and kid free time!!

We then walked down to Hitana restaurant at Niksoma Hotel for dinner. A band was playing and food was good. Awesome night out but we were all tucked up in bed by 9:30pm, the joys of kids!!

1367 (640x480)Jed and I enjoying Hitana restaurant

Thursday June 11th

Today was a food coma day!! Another delicious breakfast at the villa of museli, fresh juice, scrambled eggs, bacon and coffee. Have found with the kids it has been easier to have some Weetbix on standby as some mornings they were a bit fussy. Probably would have been worthwhile to bring a big box from home for $4.50 as the boxes in Bali supermarkets were $7 for a small one! When Charlotte has 4 and the boys 5 between them we go through quite a few!!

1646 (480x640)Mason hand feeding his weetbix!

1178 (640x480)Breakfast being cooked in the villa

Charlotte and I ventured out at 9:30am and stopped off for a coffee and bubacino at Pison Coffee House which is on Jalan Petitenget right near Taco Casa. This was to become my favourite coffee shop in Seminyak as the coffee was delicious, wifi good and it had AC. How had I not tried this place before!!!

1372 (640x480)Pison Coffee house

1373 (480x640)Entrance into Pison Coffee

1374 (480x640)Charlotte was very happy with her bubacino, marshmallow already demolished!!

1375 (480x640)Coffee menu

1376 (480x640)Food menu

1377 (640x480)Gorgeous interiors

1378 (640x640)Coffee is fantastic

1382 (480x640)Music on some mornings from 10am-12pm

We then caught a taxi to the Gardens Kids Club in Canggu. Was a bit tricky to find as the taxi driver did not know where it was but I had saved a couple of Google maps photos on my phone so was able to direct him there. For 60,000rp per hour Charlotte was able to play in the kids club room. It is open for kids aged 2-12 years and under 2’s are welcome but need a carer to stay. Opening hours are 9am-5pm 7 days per week. It is a part of the Early Learning Centre where expats can enrol their kids in a kinder program. They have a fantastic outdoor area for the kids and a cafe for parents with great wifi. One of the owners Jennifer came up and had a chat which was lovely.

1384 (640x480)Kids Club

1383 (640x480)Kids Club

1387 (480x640)       Charlotte loved it!

1390 (480x640)Painting time

1395 (480x640)Looking through to the outdoor area

1398 (640x480) (2)Sprout Cafe

Headed back to the villa after a couple of hours and then headed to La Finca in Canggu with Jed for a late lunch. The gardens were so lovely and food amazing! Tried a pizza each and then the dessert tasting plate, OMG!!! The sangria was great but very quickly was quite tipsy from it!! Can’t believe we were the only people there.

1399 (640x480)La Finca

1403 (480x640)La Finca

1400 (640x640)

1401 (640x640)La Finca lunch menu

1402 (640x480)Banana smoothie and Sangria

1407 (640x480)Chorizo pizza

1408 (640x480)Meatball pizza

1409 (640x480)Dessert amazing!!

On the Saturday I had placed an order with Mini Muncher to supply us with some nutritious food for the toddlers. Their website is great and you go through and select such things as spaghetti bolognese, risotto, apple cinnamon, ratatouille etc. They get delivered to the villa for a small fee or you can pick up. It comes frozen so you just pop it into the freezer and pull it out when needed. Was great for the boys rather than having to go get takeaway every night and not cooking was great!

1417 (640x640)Mini Muncher food pots

Bazaar was our choice for dinner and once again we were the only people there. There is only one word to describe our food, amazing!! Everything from our entree to dessert was soo delicious, how can this place be empty!!! We were all so full it was hard to walk the 5 minutes back to the villa!!

1430 (640x480)Bazaar – Philosophy of Food

1432 (640x480)

1434 (480x640)Spit roasted Lamb pizza

1436 (480x640)Entree, think it was mini shis trio!

1438 (640x480)One of the lamb dishes!!

1440 (480x640)My meal, sorry can’t remember the name of it!!

1441 (480x640)Fallen angel dessert

1442 (480x640)White lava tortino dessert, delish!!

Friday June 12th

What a great day Friday was! Started with breakfast and swim at the villa followed by lunch at Motel Mexicola with all of the family, except the young boys who stayed back with Berta and had a nap. Yummo!!

1443 (640x480)Morning view from our balcony

1445 (640x480)Charlotte and I at Motel Mexicola

1448 (480x640)Charlotte loved it

1451 (640x640)Lunch!

1447 (640x480)Motel Mexicola

Nat and I then went for a shop starting at the Boatsheds near Sea Circus and ended up at Seminyak Square. I bought a couple of dresses and a sarong.

1454 (480x640)Dress from Death by Stiletto

1455 (640x640)Dress from Hermosa

1456 (480x640)Sarong from Seminyak Square

Back to Pison for a coffee, in love with this place!!

1452 (480x640)My favourite new find of the trip!!

The boys all headed off to Strike bowling at Canggu Club then back to Putu bar for beers and footy. They had a pretty good time and thought the bowling was worth the trip. AC, good selection of drinks and right next to the trampoline area so perfect if you had older kids that wanted to give that a go as well. Earlier in the week when the boys ordered a car to get home from Waterbom they were picked up by Kevin. The had a blast and he stopped off for bintangs for them! As you can see from the photos he had a pretty funky set up!! My sister then used him to drive her and her partner up to El Kabron in Uluwatu where he waited for them. All up for 5 and half hours it cost 500,000rp.

IMG_2115At night it was even better!!

IMG_2117Kevs car!

IMG_2116As the boys said pretty sweet!

1177 (480x640)Kevs business card

We had an early dinner at Barbacoa as Mel and Matt had to leave for the airport at 7:30pm. We were seated outside and very impressed with the service and the owner came up to have a chat. Everyone really enjoyed their meals especially the pork. My beetroot salad and the corn cob were delicious! Pity I wasn’t feeling better as I would have loved to try the pork!!

1457 (480x640)Gorgeous interiors at Barbacoa

1461 (640x640)View from balcony at Barbacoa

1459 (640x480)Chats with the owner

1462 (480x640)Wow, sorry vegos turn away!!

1463 (480x640)Pork and the delicious spanish potato

1464 (640x640)Beetroot salad

Saturday June 13th

Saturday started slowly with a sleep in and lazy morning. Laundry isn’t included with the villa but we were able to give the bags to the staff and they organised for a local laundry to do it. Very reasonable with it costing 310,000rp for 2 weeks worth of laundry for the 4 of us.

1474 (480x640)Relaxing by the pool

1466 (480x640)Mason watching his favourite movie Cars

1471 (640x480)Charlotte enjoying drawing in My Awesome Bali Adventure travel journal

1470 (640x640)Great book for kids travelling to Bali

Enjoying our last full day Jed went in search of a good massage and found one at Telisya Spa on Jalan Petitenget near Holy Crab. He paid 90,000rp for 1.5 hr massage and was very happy. He is a big tall boy so often gets disappointed with the strength of the massage but he said they were great. Claire and Robbie headed to the airport to fly back to Melbourne and I went to my new favourite place Pison for a Pad Thai and coffee, was so yummy! The staff are so lovely here and coffee so good, definitely my favourite new find of the trip!!

1475 (640x640)Pad Thai at Pison

Jed and I then went with Charlotte back to the Garden Kids Club and as it was the weekend she was able to explore the outdoor area. She loved it and we were able to spend time in the cafe while she played. Jed had a banana and peanut butter smoothie and declared it the best smoothie ever!!

1476 (640x480) (2)Outdoor play area at the Garden Early Learning

1479 (480x640)Charlotte was very happy as she had been missing her own kinder back at home

1481 (480x640)Amazing outdoor area

1486 (640x640)Fun in the mud kitchen!

Headed back to the villa to drop Charlotte off and then went to La Lucciola for dinner with Nat and Cam. We were seated at the front downstairs and we had only made the booking the day before. Sunset was beautiful and the food was yummy without being amazing but that may have also been due to the fact I was so full after 3 days of over indulgence!

1529 (640x480)La Lucciola

1492 (640x480)Boys checking it all out

1532 (640x480)Love Love

1528 (640x480)Looking up the beach to Legian

1530 (640x480)Seminyak Beach

1533 (480x640)Amazing!!

1517 (640x640)Gnocchi

1518 (640x640)Hand made gnocchi special

1519 (640x640)Ravioli

1520 (640x640)Roast pork tenderloin

Sunday June 14th

Our last day started early with Mason rising at 6am. Oh well might as well get the most out of the last day!! So off the two of us went for a walk around the streets. Love doing this and is funny seeing Masons reaction to all the sights!

1541 (480x640)Love walking the streets early morning

1542 (480x640)Walking along Jalan Lebaksari

1550 (640x480)View from Jalan Cendrawasih

Back for breakfast and a swim and say goodbye to Nat and family. Once the boys woke up from a nap we headed to Bali Equestrian Centre in Canggu for lunch. If you spend 100,000rp per adult and 50,000rp per child you can use the pool facilities. It’s a great spot for kids with a small grassed playground and pool with yummy food. The kids had a ball and Charlotte was very keen to have her first pony ride. We had packed long pants and covered shoes for the ride but I didn’t pack her riding boots as it was only a short ride. She was so gorgeous and loved riding her pony called Popcorn!! For me this was wonderful to see as I grew up riding horses and competing in one day events. Jed on the other hand, who grew up with horses but dislikes them, was shaking his head!!

1569 (640x480)BEC pool area

1572 (640x480)Poolside tables

1575 (480x640)Charlotte enjoying her chicken sticks

1578 (640x480)Love family time

1571 (640x480)Playground

1585 (480x640)Charlotte was soon sick of pushing her little brother!!

1592 (480x640)Bit hot on the bare legs!!

1594 (480x640)Loves a swing


1605 (640x480)1606 (640x480)
Bali Equestrian Club

1607 (640x480)BEC restaurant

1628 (640x480)BEC stables

1603 (480x640)Ready for her ride

1624 (640x640)Charlotte and Popcorn

1639 (480x640)Grooming time

1641 (480x640)Popcorn loved his carrots

1643 (480x640)Charlotte was so happy and declared she wanted a pony!!

1644 (480x640)Checking out the store with Dads credit card!

1672 (480x640)Info on pony rides

Headed back to the villa for final swims and to do the dreaded packing! Also had time for one last coffee stop at Pison and popped into the supermarket to get the small UHT milk containers for the kids on the flight.

1648 (480x640)Charlotte not wanting to leave

1652 (480x640)The harvesting is done!

1654 (640x480)And of course an amazing sunset so I really didn’t want to leave

We all went to bed at 7pm and up again at 9pm to head to the airport. Only took 25mins that time of night and the new airport is amazing!! What an improvement and check in with Jetstar was very quick. They stamped our boarding passes indicating we had already paid the departure tax, as we had purchased them after Feb 9th, so went straight through to the immigration line. So many food options in the airport and plenty of space for the kids to run around. They originally had us flying out of gate 13, one of the far flung ones, but confusingly changed this at the last minute so was a bit of scramble back up to gate 3.

1659 (480x640)One of the thrills of airports as a kid!

1660 (480x640)Wearing Maso out

1662 (480x640)What we all feel like doing in airports at times!!

Flight was on time but full so meant Mason on an infant ticket was on my lap the whole way, yay! He was pretty good and after a hour in the air fell asleep and slept through the landing. Charlotte slept most of the way but poor Jed had the fevers back so struggled through most of the flight. I must say I much preferred the Jetstar staff to the Virgin staff on the way over. They were much more helpful with the kids and flying into Adelaide was great as we were out of the airport in record time!

1663 (480x640)Still asleep as we pulled into the gate

Well that’s it!! Another fabulous family holiday to Bali. Have fallen even more in love with the place and each time it seeps deeper and deeper into your soul. Spoken like a true Bali addict, haha!! Thanks for reading and feel free to ask any questions by email [email protected] or message through Facebook or Instagram.

Kate xx

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