Bali Treetop Adventure Park Review

Bali Treetop Adventure Park

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Bali Treetop Adventure Park closed down permanently in September 2020

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Bali Tree Top Adventure Review

By Wendy Murphy

With a large group of 17 people visiting Bali to celebrate a family event, we chose Bali Treetop Adventure Park because it catered for our whole group ranging from 4 years up to 50 years.  Our group was comprised of five boys aged 4 to 13, three girls aged 11 to 15 and six adults aged 20 to 50. The park is located in the Bali Botanic Gardens situated in the beautiful Bedugul area, 75 minutes north of Kuta.

A group booking was made via email beforehand to ensure there was room on the course for so many people but they do accept walk-ins if there is space available. This was an easy process with emails answered within the same day or early the next day which was great as I had a few questions to confirm all the children were tall enough to participate.  If the children were tall enough to reach the zip line they were allowed to do the circuit and with our four year old more than 120cm from the tip of his hand raised up to his toes, we were sure he could do both the Squirrel Circuits (yellow and green).

Tree Top Bali

We were welcomed at the front reception desk and payment was accepted using a credit card. Cash is also accepted. There was some paperwork involved as expected however it only took 6-7 minutes to complete all the names and ages of the group.  Bali Treetop price is in US dollars so make sure you do your conversions beforehand to work out if it’s in your budget. We did a package deal that included transport, lunch and a few other places along the way but in hind site we should have just hired a driver and done things at our own pace so not to rush everyone to finish.

Then with everyone just about bursting with anticipation, the harness fittings started and we were directed to the training station. There were plenty of staff to help and direct us and lockers provided security for all our belongings during the event.  My mother and husband didn’t participate and cared for a two year old which wasn’t difficult with a lovely area for snacks and drinks to be purchased and a beautiful garden setting to wander around in. I would advise taking along some mozzie repellent as there were a few around.


The session was brief but thorough and I was relieved the instructor was very clear, made sure every child was watching closely and repeated everything several times. The practice course had to be completed by each child and adult before entering the main area and everyone was encouraged to achieve the first zip line without assistance. This got the children familiar with the locking and unlocking of safety clasps and after about 15-20 minutes of training we were ready.


Four year old Jaxson was first up the steps to commence the easiest yellow zip line.  He confidently negotiated the steps, balanced across beams and carefully walked across tightropes whilst safely secured by the harness. To reinforce the clipping and un-clipping of the safety harness, an adult from our group followed him though the yellow level three or four times.  The yellow level finished with a short flying fox which produce squeals of excitement.

Bali Treetop Adventure Park Price
Jaxson having a great time on the yellow circuit

He was ready to take on a harder challenge. With the start of each station displaying a height chart he eagerly lifted his arms to check he was tall enough to take on Squirrel Green. An adult followed him, as despite his confidence, the course was challenging. Like a champion he ventured higher and balanced on swinging wooden cogs. The highlight of this course was the grand finale where Jaxson climbed onto a wooden surfboard, clipped on his harness and zipped down from the trees at speed. He literally ran back to the start to do it again and again. We had to slow him down as large tree roots caused him to fall on his face (more than once) but he bounced back up eager to restart.


Seven year old Ronan enjoyed doing the Squirrel Circuits with Jaxson and I used these ones to reinforce and practice the safety rules with him. He completed high green which starts with the Squirrel green and diverts to a higher more difficult course. Because he was so confident I kept a close eye on him. There’s lots of staff but I didn’t trust him attempting a level too hard for him. The green and blue circuits were also great levels for the less confident adults to warm up with.


Most of the teenagers started on the blue or orange levels as these courses head straight up to the treetops. Orange was my limit which I thought was pretty good for a 50 year old with bad knees. I took it slow and steady and didn’t look down as I’m also scared of heights. If you want to challenge yourself you can continue through the courses and there’s no pressure if you want to stop and rest a little and let someone pass you by. I did see a couple of younger children who couldn’t progress and the staff climbed up and brought them down with some calming words. Because Ronan is a tall seven year old and had no fear, he also completed the orange zip line with me closely supervising.  I think he helped me more than vice versa.


Screams and squeals sounded out throughout the two and a half hours we were on the courses and each time I glanced up to the tree tops a teenager from our group went zipping past on a flying fox or slammed into a downhill net. I smiled and waved as my twelve year old Ethan yelled out “I’m doing Black, I’m doing Black”.  Not for the faint hearted, this was the super thrills level. This course took the adrenaline filled youth of the family (and a one of the more adventurous adults) 20 metres up, completing breathtaking swings and jumps. I can’t tell you what that looked like as I couldn’t watch but I didn’t stop hearing about it for days afterwards.

Flying Fox Bali

Bali Tree Top Adventure Park
Red circuit fun


The session ended way too soon for everyone with all expressing how proud they were of themselves for doing something they didn’t think they could do. Many photos are taken during the session by staff so we spent some time at the end purchasing a selection of favourite shots to remember an amazing experience. Some advice is to take toilet paper as the toilets there don’t have any and some small money as you have to pay. Also, wear leggings or long shorts as the harness was uncomfortable on bare skin. Oh, and definitely buy the gloves! We combined this day trip with a visit to Lake Bratan and Ulun Danu Temple which was a bit exhausting but well worth it.  If you have an active adventurous family this is definitely a place in Bali that you will enjoy and remember as the “best thing I did in Bali”.

Tree Top Walk Bali
Great fun for all ages!

Thank you so much to Wendy and her family for sharing their fantastic day. We are sad that we never got to visit Bali Treetops before the pandemic forced the closure of this fun place with kids!

If you would like to contact me via email, Facebook or Instagram I am happy to chat about all things related to Bali with kids. Also if you too would like to share an experience that has been fantastic with kids in Bali, feel free to send me a message.

Kate xx

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Bali Treetop Adventure Park


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