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Villa Aramanis

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The range of Bali Villa websites is huge! Trying to find one to suit you and your family is so hard especially in Seminyak, I’ve spent hours trawling through sites!! When I came across Bali Villa Escapes I did the usual investigating to make sure it’s legit, I have heard many a horror story of travelers losing all their hard earned cash on companies that end up disappearing! I was happy to find it is a great site and is all in AUD, so much better for us that live in Australia.

Villa Indah

The website was super easy to navigate and I love that many of the villas have floor plans. The way I search for villas is probably a bit different from other families as I have to make sure they are extra safe for Mason. If you aren’t already aware he is on the Autism Spectrum and his sense of safety is not great! I started this blog when Charlotte was 2 years and I did look for more ‘toddler friendly villas’ but now I’ve had to take that to a whole new level with Mason around.
So I’ve gone through and had a look at Bali Villa Escapes Seminyak villas to work out ones that we as a family would be happy to book. Priorities are enclosed living area, pool that can be fenced and ideally on 1 level but if 2 levels, a staircase needed that can have a gate erected. Happy searching 🙂

Seminyak Villas with Bali Villa Escapes

  • Villa Bamboo 4 bedroom villa in central Seminyak which is part of Aramanis Villas. Can be rented as 3 bedrooms too as the 4th bedroom is separate from the main enclosed villa.
  • Villa Manis 4 bedroom villa again a part of Aramanis Villas. Also has the 4th bedroom separate which can be great if grandparents come along!
  • Villa Indah 3 bedroom villa located in the Aramanis Villa complex. This has been high on my list for awhile!
  • Villa Damai 3 bedroom similar to Villa Indah at Aramanis Villas.
  • Villa Shambala 5 bedroom villa in a great Seminyak location. Has been one I have wanted to stay at for a long time!
  • Villa Amala 3 bedroom villa located a 10 minute walk from the famous Sisterfields in Seminyak and as part of The Residence. 2 of the bedrooms are enclosed with the 3 bedroom separate.
  • Villa Siam Similar to Villa Amala in floor plan and is 3 bedrooms and part of The Residence.
  • Villa Jepun Another 3 bedroom which is a part of The Residence so similar floor plan to Siam and Amala.
  • Villa Menari 3 bedroom villa again a part of The Residence with a slightly different floor plan to the others.
  • Villa Istana Dua 2 bedroom villa located in central Seminyak. Both bedrooms are upstairs with enclosed downstairs area.
  • Villa Gaja Bali 2 bedroom villa in central Seminyak all on one level. One bedroom overlooks the gardens while the other bedroom overlooking the pool connects into the enclosed living area.
  • Villa Tjirap 6 bedroom villa in a great central Seminyak position. Main house looks to be family friendly with stair gates in position.
  • The Orchard House 4 bedroom villa in an excellent Seminyak location. Charlotte and I looked through here in September 2016 and is such a great family villa with lots of space to move.
  • Villa Lilibel A huge 6 bedroom villa that has it all. Is high on my list for my 40th birthday 😉

So much choice but it usually comes down to how the budget can fit our champagne lifestyles 😉 If there are any that are jumping out at you but don’t quite match what you can spend, let me know and I will see if we can get you the best price possible! I’m easiest to be contacted through Instagram and Facebook.

Kate xx


Disclaimer: We work with Bali Villa Escapes to find you the best prices and kid friendly villas. As part of our collaboration we may receive free/discounted accommodation in Bali. We only recommend villas or companies that we as a family would be happy to book through.

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