Best Travel Insurance for Bali

Best travel insurance for Bali

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Updated July 2024

Searching for the best travel insurance for Bali can seem confusing! After I suffered a stroke in 2016 the days were gone when I could use any travel insurance company that had cheap travel insurance to Bali.

In 2022, having COVID travel insurance for entry into Bali was a requirement. This has since been relaxed, but it is still important to make sure you are covered for any situation that may arise.

When you travel to Bali, travel insurance is a must and should be one of the first things you book for your holiday overseas. Being left with a huge medical bill or no support would be devastating, especially when travel insurance is so affordable. This post will go through all you need to know about purchasing your next travel insurance policy to Bali. For more info on all things Bali-related, check out our Ultimate Guide to Bali.

What is the Best Travel Insurance for Bali?

Regarding travel insurance, Bali has its own set of risks that need to be considered when determining the best Bali insurance.

To help you decide which is the best insurance for your trip to Bali, I have put together this guide, which provides an overview of what I consider to be some of the best policies.

In this best travel insurance for Bali review, I look at some of the general risk factors you should ensure you are covered for when travelling to Bali and compare some of the available policies. 

Please note: You should not take the information in this article as individual advice. This is a brief overview of the policy options available, and it is highly recommended that you consider your own individual circumstances before purchasing a Bali insurance policy.

This guide offers a range of travel insurance companies that may only suit Australian families. If you are from elsewhere, check to see if the policies will suit your circumstances.

Things to Consider when Determining What is the Best Travel Insurance for Bali

  1. Bali Risk Factors

Overall, Bali is a very safe destination, and like most destinations, it isn’t without its risk factors.  If you are concerned about any of these particular risks, you should ensure the travel policy you take out will cover you should these issues arise.

Below are some risk factors you should consider when travelling to Bali.


Across the world, coronavirus has interrupted travel plans and left Australians unable to travel to Bali for two years as tourists. Finally, flights have resumed to Bali, and we can finally travel back to the island of gods. You previously needed a travel insurance policy with a minimum USD$25,000 coverage for COVID-related medical expenses for entry into Bali, but this is no longer a requirement. It is still something to consider having in your Bali insurance policy.

Bali Ash Cloud

In recent years, one of the biggest concerns for people travelling to Bali has been whether they can get volcano insurance. With Mount Agung erupting multiple times in the past few years, people are understandably concerned about being stranded.

The eruptions have previously caused an ash cloud, which has resulted in cancelled flights and prevented thousands of travellers from arriving in and leaving Bali. This, of course, has led to holidaymakers being thousands of dollars out of pocket. We were very lucky to get out of Bali in 2017 after the airport had been closed for two days.

In terms of travel insurance—Bali volcano coverage—it’s essential that you check that your policy provides cover for natural disasters. Confirming coverage should be done over email and not just verbally. Some policies will cover you if you purchased the policy prior to the event occurring.

If there is a threat of an eruption before you arrive in Bali, check with your insurance provider before leaving to ensure you have Bali ash cloud insurance coverage.

Mt Agung Bali
View from Padma Ubud of Mt Agung letting off some steam in 2017

Driving in Bali

Many travellers in Bali often hire either cars, motorbikes or scooters.  Whilst many outlets in Bali will happily hire you these vehicles, it doesn’t mean your travel insurance policy covers you in the case of an accident.  In fact, your insurance provider will only cover you if you have an international license to drive any of these vehicles.  This also includes coverage for any passengers.

If you are planning on driving in Bali and want to ensure you are covered, obtain an international license and don’t drive vehicles for which you don’t have a license. If you are licensed to drive such vehicles, follow all the road rules, including wearing helmets on motorbikes and scooters.

Check also that your insurance policy doesn’t require full motorcycle clothing to be covered—something that would be very difficult in Bali! They often also require you to have no alcohol in your system, so if you think it’s OK to drink and drive in Bali, it’s best to check your travel insurance policy first.

Please note that in order to have travel insurance that covers scooters in Bali, you will most likely need a license both in your home country and internationally.

If, like me, you like to ride a Gojek/Grab motorcycle as a passenger, make sure you consider including motorcycle coverage. The ride-share companies do state they provide some coverage, but having your own travel insurance motorcycle coverage is a definite benefit. I use Covermore Motorcycle/Moped riding extra coverage.

Bali Health Issues

Many travellers take vaccinations to prevent themselves from becoming ill in Bali.  Diseases you may consider vaccinations for include Hepatitis A and B, measles and typhoid. Please chat with your medical practitioner regarding vaccinations before you travel.

However, one of the most common illnesses people contract in Bali is known as “Bali Belly,” a form of severe diarrhea and vomiting. Most travel policies provide health insurance coverage for Bali, so you are covered if you need medical attention. However, there are differences between each policy, so read the fine print carefully.

Bali Water Sports

Many travellers, when going to Bali, like to participate in various water sports such as surfing, parasailing, jet skiing, rafting, or snorkelling. Unfortunately, activities like these also come with risks, and on very odd occasions, injuries occur.

Not all Bali insurance services will cover you for injuries obtained via what they call high-risk activities.  If you are planning on partaking in such activities and are concerned about whether you are covered, be sure to read the fine print of your policy.

Surfing at Nusa Dua

Bali Political Unrest

Insurance policies will usually cover you if political unrest occurs in Bali.  This includes trip cancellation fees before going to Bali and assisting you to return home should a disruption occur whilst you are already in Bali.

If political unrest occurs before you arrive in Bali, check with your insurance provider before leaving to check what you are covered for.

Bali Terrorism

It’s unfortunate, but in this day and age, terrorism is a risk in most destinations.  Currently, the Australian government advises exercising a high degree of caution when it comes to travel in Bali as they believe there is a high risk of a terrorist attack.

If a terrorist attack occurs before you arrive in Bali, check with your insurance provider before leaving to check what you are covered for.  Unfortunately, in most cases, any costs incurred due to an act of terrorism are not covered.

  1. Common Items Covered by Bali Insurance

Below is a list of standard items usually covered by travel insurance for a Bali holiday.  The difference between each policy is in the finer details regarding what exactly is covered.  Don’t assume you are covered – read your policy terms and conditions. Also, discuss different scenarios with your travel insurance provider via email to ensure you understand what you are covered for.

  • Overseas Medical Expenses: This covers any medical treatment you may need for an illness (such as a severe case of Bali Belly) or an injury you receive from an accident.
  • Covid coverage: If you were to test positive on arrival to Bali or contract Covid while you were visiting and required medical treatment for your symptoms.
  • Medical Evacuation Expenses: If your injury or illness is so severe that you must go home for treatment, this covers any medical evacuation costs.
  • Trip Cancellation Costs: Whether you need to cancel your trip due to medical reasons or a natural disaster, this covers any money you lose, such as nonrefundable deposits.
  • Lost or Stolen Luggage: This covers any items or luggage stolen or lost during your trip.
  • Luggage Delay: Sometimes you arrive days before your luggage – if this happens, you can purchase anything you need until your luggage arrives.
  • Personal Liability: This covers you in the unlikely event that you injure someone else during your trip.
Mountain Buggy Nano
Flying to Bali in 2018
  1. What is Excluded from my Policy?

Don’t think for a minute that you are covered for anything that goes wrong on your trip just because you have taken out a travel insurance policy.  You may not be covered in many instances, so be sure to read all of the fine print.

Below is a range of instances that travel insurance providers don’t usually cover:

  • Pre-Existing Medical Condition: Usually, any pre-existing medical conditions that flare up during your trip are not covered. Speak to the travel insurance provider if you have a pre-existing medical condition. You will likely have to pay extra to get a pre-existing medical condition covered, and some won’t be able to get coverage from any insurance policy.
  • Pandemics: Check with your travel insurance company to see if they cover cases of declared pandemics. Don’t assume that the insurance you have purchased or is through your credit card will cover you. Many insurance companies have made exemptions for COVID-19 coverage. This is important to check in the PDS, which will often only cover COVID-19 and its variants.
  • You break the law: For example, as mentioned above if you drive without an appropriate license you won’t be covered by your insurance provider.
  • If you have consumed alcohol: This is a grey area and something to check with the insurance companies. Often in the policy it will list that if you have consumed alcohol you are not covered.
  • Injuries arising from high risk activities: As mentioned above insurance providers often have a list of activities they determine as high risk.  If you partake in a high-risk activity you won’t be covered for any injuries that occur.
  • Pregnancy and care of a premature baby: If you are pregnant and considering a trip to Bali you need to speak with the provider to understand what will and won’t be covered. Some policies will cover up to 30 weeks in pregnancy but often will not cover for medical care of the baby. I travelled to Bali when I was 18 weeks pregnant and had a great time but I had a low risk pregnancy and was covered by Covermore.
Ubud medical clinic
Medical clinic at a hotel in Bali

How Much is Travel Insurance to Bali?

So I guess your next question is how much is travel insurance to Bali?  That depends on quite a few things, like how many people are going, how long you are going, pre-existing medical conditions, etc.  It also depends quite a lot on which provider you go with.

One thing is certain: I don’t necessarily recommend you go for the cheapest travel insurance Bali offers. Sometimes, cheap travel insurance to Bali from Australia can provide everything you need. Often, you do get what you pay for.

Kate’s Top Travel Insurance Tip

Best Travel Insurance for Bali Reviews 2024

Below, I’ve provided a brief overview of travel insurance policies you may wish to consider for your Bali trip. It is important that you get quotes and read the PDS documents to make sure the policy covers your circumstances.

The company offers three alternatives for international travel. You can choose the premium cover, which offers a more comprehensive cover that gives you peace of mind when travelling. It includes medical insurance, lost luggage and travel documents, activities, and much more. They also have a premium cover plus policy that covers $5000 amendment or cancellation costs if you or your loved one were to be diagnosed with COVID more than 21 days before your trip was due to depart.

Cover-More Insurance Bali offers a more budget-friendly policy that includes some COVID coverage if you want a more basic option. Check out Covermore for more details.

A great feature of the premium policy is the activities it covers – especially important if you are a bit of a daredevil or are up for a challenge! Exciting activities such as bungee jumping, snorkelling and many more are included.

You can obtain cover if you want to ride a motorcycle and moped around Bali, however you will need an Australian license and the moped or motorcycle must be 200cc or less and you will need to add it on to your policy, for an additional cost.

A summary of the features of this policy include:

  • Unlimited medical and dental expenses (excluding particular pre-existing conditions)
  • Up to $15,000 for luggage and document loss or damage
  • Up to $750 for delayed luggage allowance
  • Up to $5000 for expenses incurred from hijacking
  • Up to $2000 for expenses incurred for any travel delay
  • Unlimited cancellation fees for unforeseen circumstances (excluding any acts of terrorism)
  • Unlimited expenses for expenses incurred to civil protest, weather, natural disaster or accident

Cover-More PDS

One Cover Bali Insurance

A policy that is great value for money is One Cover Bali insurance, which is a great option for many families. The comprehensive policy is the most popular and cost-effective. However, you also can choose from the frequent traveller policy (up to 21 days) and the more basic essentials policy, which is more appropriate for those who want medical only and do not want all the bells and whistles of a more comprehensive policy. It’s worth noting that they only cover pregnancy till 24 weeks for a single baby and won’t cover if the baby is born overseas.

All policies now cover COVID-19 overseas medical claims. This coverage extends only to emergency medical assistance, overseas emergency medical and hospital expenses, hospital cash allowance, and repatriation of remains.

The comprehensive policy also covers all the traditional items such as medical, dental, luggage and much more, but it also includes over 100 activities. It also offers coverage on cancellations under which natural disasters and civil unrest come under, which could be the ash cloud Bali insurance you are looking for.

Surfing, rafting, and snorkeling are some of the included activities. If you want to try some extreme sports, like Bungee jumping, OneCover can also cover you; however, you will need to take out an add-on policy.

Coverage is also provided for claims arising from riding a motorcycle, moped or scooter provided you hold a current Australian motorcycle or driver’s license and the moped or scooter has an engine of less than 50cc.  For passengers the person in control of the bike must hold a valid license in Bali.

A summary of the features of this policy include:

  • Unlimited expenses for overseas medical and hospital expenses (including being diagnosed with Covid)
  • Up to $5000 for expenses relating to credit card fraud & replacement
  • Unlimited medical expenses, including evacuation and return home (excluding certain pre-existing medical expenses)
  • Unlimited cancellation fees for unforeseen circumstances (excluding any acts of terrorism or Covid)
  • Up to $15,000 for loss of luggage and personal effects

1Cover PDS

Allianz Travel Insurance Bali

One of the most popular policies people like to follow is Allianz travel insurance in Bali. Allianz is a well-known company that many people trust. The Allianz travel insurance policies now cover COVID-19 expenses, and you can also claim back the cost of your premium if you can’t go on your trip due to COVID-19.

If you are going to Bali to experience some of the amazing activities, then you are in luck, as this policy covers a wide range of activities, such as surfing, snorkeling, and much more.

Coverage is also provided for claims arising from riding a motorcycle, moped, or scooter, provided you hold a current Australian motorcycle or driver’s license and the moped or scooter has an engine of less than 250cc.  For passengers, the person in charge of the bike must hold a valid license in Bali.

A summary of the features of this policy include:

  • Unlimited medical expenses including Covid expenses, evacuation and return home (excluding certain pre-existing medical expenses)
  • Coverage for cancellation fees (value varies on policy) for unforeseen circumstances (excluding any acts of terrorism)
  • Up to $1000 for emergency dental expenses
  • Up to $4000 per family for travel delay expenses
  • Up to $500 for theft of cash per family
  • Up to $20,000 for loss of luggage and person effects

Allianz PDS

Travel Insurance Direct

If you are looking for a comprehensive policy, then Travel Insurance Direct Bali will have you covered! Their policy includes items such as additional expenses/medical evacuation, which includes natural disasters (it could come in handy and provide you with Bali ash travel insurance), and cancellation costs for things that are out of your control.

We previously used Travel Insurance Direct on multiple trips to Bali, and they often offer great discounts. They were great to deal with, covered a good amount and, best of all, were reasonably priced. They no longer can cover me for stroke, hence why I have to source insurance elsewhere. Travel Insurance Direct has a great page on explaining everything that is covered with respect to Covid, you can check it out here.

Included without any extra cost are activities you may want to give a try while in Bali such as canoeing, bungee jumping, jet skiing and about another 80 more!  If there are any sports or activities that may not be covered, you can purchase add ons to your policy which will then cover you – peace of mind so you can get on with enjoying your holiday.

Coverage is also provided for claims arising from riding a motorcycle, moped or scooter provided you hold a current Australian motorcycle or driver’s license as well as a valid license in Bali.

A summary of the features of this policy include:

  • Up to $10,000 loss of income as a result of an injury during your trip
  • Unlimited medical expenses including Covid,evacuation and return home (excluding certain pre-existing medical expenses)
  • Up to $2,000 travel delay per family
  • Up to $12,000 per family luggage and personal effects



Fast Cover Travel Insurance

If you want the peace of mind of coverage for a range of inclusions, then the Fast Cover Travel Insurance Bali could be the right policy. They cover for Covid medical expenses that are deemed reasonable and this document covers the details you need regarding Covid.

The policy also covers events such theft, medical expenses, loss of baggage and documents, and many more that will give you the peace of mind to allow you to enjoy your time away.

When travelling to Bali, you will want to enjoy many water sports and activities. Particularly when travelling with children, you will want to know that you and your family are covered while enjoying these experiences. This policy will cover many activities in Bali, such as snorkeling, surfing, and even scuba diving. There is also an adventure pack that you can purchase for activities that aren’t automatically covered.

Coverage is also provided for claims arising from riding a motorcycle, moped or scooter provided you hold a current Australian motorcycle or driver’s license as well as a valid license in Bali like an international drivers license. You will not be covered if you have consumed any alcohol or are not wearing a helmet

A summary of the features of Fast Cover Comprehensive policy include:

  • Unlimited medical expenses including Covid, evacuation and return home (excluding certain pre-existing medical expenses)
  • Unlimited cancellation fees for unforeseen circumstances (excluding any acts of terrorism)
  • Up to $50,000 for expenses incurred due to natural disasters or civil unrest per family
  • Up to $15,000 for lost or stolen luggage
  • Up to $250 per family for stolen cash
  • Up to $1000 for emergency dental treatment


Medibank Travel Insurance Bali

One of the more well know insurance policies is of course Medibank travel insurance Bali – many Australians choose to go with this policy as it is a trusted fund. The Medibank policy also has the added bonus of travel insurance covering Covid medical expenses and may cover non-refundable cancellation costs.

You have the choice of either the international comprehensive single trip or the international medical single trip which is more of a basic level of cover. The comprehensive cover is certainly the more popular policy for families as covers a wide range of activities and medical emergencies. But both policies cover unlimited medical expenses due to Covid illness and click here to see a breakdown of their Covid policy.

This policy automatically covers some of the fantastic activities you will want to experience, including surfing, snorkeling, and, for some adventurous families, whitewater rafting and bungee jumping.

The standard Medibank Travel insurance doesn’t offer coverage for those wanting to ride motorcycles or mopeds, but you can pay an additional premium for coverage. For this additional coverage, you must hold an Australian motorcycle license and a valid license in Bali. The motorbike must also have an engine capacity of 200cc or less.

A summary of the features of this policy include:

  • Unlimited medical expenses, including Covid, evacuation and return home (excluding certain pre-existing medical expenses)
  • Up to $2000 travel delay expenses
  • Up to $5,000 in travel documents, credit cards and travelers’ cheques
  • Unlimited cancellation fees for unforeseen circumstances (excluding any acts of terrorism)
  • COVID trip cancellations and amendments on the comprehensive policy up to $5000
  • Up to $15,000 for loss of luggage and personal effects

Medibank PDS

Other Travel Insurance Companies that are covering for Covid Medical Expenses are:

Important things to remember if you need to claim

We all hope we have a hassle-free Bali holiday and don’t need to use our Bali travel insurance. Here are some tips on things you need to do:

  • Before you leave on your trip make copies of your travel insurance documents. Give each adult in your travelling party a copy and also to a family or friend in your home country. I use my laminator to ensure it doesn’t get wrecked during our travels! This will have contact details for how to contact your insurance company while in Bali
  • Also, save it to your phone just in case you don’t have mobile phone service in Bali
  • If you need to go to a doctor or the hospital, take a copy of your insurance. It is worth taking cash or a card to pay a deposit if needed, some travel insurance companies will look after this, so double-check with them first
  • Keep all receipts you think you need to help with your claim. Also, if you make a police report, get a copy of your statement

I hope this helps you choose travel insurance for your next Bali family holiday. Thank goodness we have never had to claim our travel insurance, but it’s important to know that your chosen company will look after you!

Kate xx

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Best travel insurance to bali

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