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Jetstar Dreamliner to Bali

When I go to book our Bali flights, I’m always trying to find the best cheap flights to Bali to keep the costs down for our family. I would much prefer to spend more on fabulous accommodation than on how we are going to fly to Bali. That being said, I will only ever fly direct to Bali as the less airports and flight time, the better for our family! This post is most relevant for Australians flying to Bali, as the information provided below is how we book our flights from Australia to Bali. No guesses for what my favourite app is on my phone!! Skyscanner Bali flight selections are saved as alerts on my phone, so whenever cheap Bali flights come up, I’m notified straight away.

Denpasar Airport Bali
Denpasar Airport Bali

We usually fly with Jetstar Australia as they have the best prices for our Melbourne to Bali flights. The reason I say they have the best prices is due to the Jetstar Price Beat guarantee. If you find a better price on a direct international flight on the same day you wish to travel, Jetstar will beat it by 10%. We did this on our last Bali holiday as Jetstar had the better flight times for our family but other airlines were cheaper.

I am forever keeping my eye out for the Jetstar Friday Frenzy email to see if I can get a real bargain! I know that some people will never fly Jetstar again after bad experiences with cancellations but for our family on 4 holidays to Bali, we have never been affected. So if you are about to book Jetstar flights to Bali, check out my tips below and how by changing a few selections on our family of 4 latest booking to Bali, I saved over $168 AUD on our flights. Better spent on cocktails!

Check out all our tips on how to plan and have the best holiday to Bali with kids here. If you love saving money and would love to see how you can explore Bali on a budget, check out this Bali backpacking itinerary that has lots of tips on how to travel cheaply around Bali.


  • Skyscanner App set to direct Bali flights around my preferred dates. This is fantastic to alert you to any specials that come out.
  • Use the Jetstar price beat guarantee. If you find a cheaper direct flight to Bali on the same day that flights are available with Jetstar, they will price beat by 10%. A great way to fly at better times for example the afternoon flight back to Melbourne rather than the usual Midnight flights.
  • Join Club Jetstar if flying with 2 people and more at least once a year. I was always reluctant to do this as I thought it was another money grab but I did save with our last flight bookings as you save on most flights, baggage and seat selections. Check out the video below on how I saved the cash.
  • Don’t buy your luggage as a whole group. Manage your luggage allocation individually to get the best value for money and safe cash.
  • Don’t buy the bundles unless you aren’t exactly sure if you need to change your dates. They are expensive and just the standard bundles at $70 each cost a family of 4 $560 return on top of your airfares. They do include 20kg of luggage each, standard seat selection and meals but we always take our own food as the kids don’t usually eat the expensive airline meals anyway.
  • Use Poli Banking to pay for your flights. You avoid fees and it is very easy and secure to use.

In the following video I show you how I booked our family flights to Bali in November, the dates are slightly different but you get the idea. I managed to save us over $168aud. This was not by finding cheaper Bali flights deals, but by making the best selections after I had found the best airfares available.

I hope the video has helped and given you some extras tips on saving money on your Bali airfares. I would love to know if you have tips on ways to save money on flights to Bali. Send me an email or find me over at Facebook or Instagram.


Kate xx

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