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Stroke, life and moving on

The sound of a jet plane in my ear as I slowly fell to the ground. The disbelief of what was happening as I tried to speak the words “I’m OK”. The realisation that my life was now not in my hands but in the childcare staff, the ambulance officers, the medical professionals at my […]


Travel to Bali with Special Needs Kids

Bali Safari Park

Travel with kids to Bali always needs planning but when traveling with special needs kids this becomes even more important. Our son Mason is autistic and even though we don’t let it stop us from traveling overseas, we often need to consider how we travel more than when traveling with just Charlotte. ASD kids can […]


Life after my stroke

Life after stroke

3 months today since I suffered my stroke. Life has changed, how could it not? You don’t go to the brink of death and back without a deep part of you being effected. I’m more tolerant, understanding and take time for the little things just a bit more. Don’t get me wrong, I can still […]


Autism and our family


After recently having our son diagnosed with Autism we were fascinated to be included in a whole new world. For us the diagnosis hasn’t changed anything in how we deal or manage Mason’s behaviours but has allowed us to more fully understand how we as parents can help guide him through life. We have always […]


Living Life After Stroke

Sunrise Sanur

‘Treating the most feared and devastating strokes.’ ‘Patients with acute basilar artery occlusion have a mortality rate of greater than 85%.’ ‘Acute occlusion of the basilar artery is a neurological emergency that has a high risk of severe disability and mortality.’ Hmmm, Google was not pretty regarding the type of stroke I suffered 2 months […]


5 years on

How time can go so fast! Today marks the 5th anniversary of my Mum’s death. I still remember the day like yesterday, the day my whole life shifted forever. I was 5 days shy of my 30th birthday, a more reflective time than I had previously imagined. Launching into my 30’s in such a way […]


Recovery from my stroke

After stroke

Three weeks ago I woke up from a procedure that saved my life. The dramatic turn of events that Thursday 27th of October can be found on my previous post about my stroke. I had previously been very healthy with normal blood pressure, bloods all good, normal weight, non smoker and only been to hospital […]


My Stroke Story


It feels strange to write these words. At the age of 34 years I had a stroke. I have gone back and forth with sharing all the details of that day but if it helps just one person to notice the early signs or what to expect then I would be so happy. You may […]


One year on

I never thought that within 2 years my life could change so much. First came the birth of my beautiful baby girl, then the devastating news that my Mum’s benign pancreatic tumour had spread, followed by her death 12 months later and then my hubby started on a 4:1 FIFO roster. How does one get […]


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