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Looking for things to do in Canggu with kids? We love staying in Canggu and I often get asked by families for tips on what to do in Canggu. The first thing that always comes to mind is a visit to Finns Club Bali. There is so much to do at Finns that the kids will be very pleased if you choose to stay nearby! On our family holiday to Bali in November 2017 we were invited to visit Finns in Canggu on a Super Fun Pass that includes entry to Splash Bali, a hour at Bali Bounce, a hour at Strike Bowling Canggu and entrance to Finns Beach Club. We managed to do 3 out of 4 as we ran out of time to visit Finns Beach Club.

We had a fantastic day exploring all that Finns had to offer, for more information on buying tickets or entrance prices check out their website here. We also visited back in 2015 and you can find our experience in this post here. If you are interested in reading more reviews on Splash, check out Tripadvisor.

Update May 2019: We now have the family from Our Travel Spot share their experience at Cubby House Kids Club with updated information! We will also be back at Finns in October 2019 so will update all the other details then too x

Please note: Splash Water park is closed for renovations from 4th of November 2019 and will re-open 24th December 2019

Finns Canggu Bali
Finns Bali Front Desk

Splash Bali Canggu

Please note: Splash Water park is closed for renovations from 4th of November 2019 and will re-open 24th December 2019

This was our 2nd visit to Splash Bali and the kids had a fantastic time! I really like the fact that it’s easier to keep an eye on younger kids, compared to Waterbom Water Park in Kuta. Another fantastic aspect is that Mason could go on all the water slides except for one. He has just turned 4 years old and measures up at 112cms so could ride all except for the Super Bowl. This made it so much easier rather than the tantrums we had at Waterbom where he could only ride about half of the slides.

Finns Splash
Charlotte loving the swing at Splash
Canggu Bali Water Park
One of the kids favourite slides at Splash Canggu
Splash Park Bali
Kids water playground at Splash Park Bali
Canggu Water Park
Mason loved the swing at Splash Canggu Water Park

The Splash Playground is great for the younger kids to explore and since we visited last time in 2015 they have made the entrance to the lagoon a lot safer as the tiles were quite slippery. The resurfaced area doesn’t include the whole lagoon so there are still slippery parts but the water is deeper so not as much of an issue. The kids spent lots of time at the pool swing having a fantastic time dropping into the water and I loved floating around the crazy creek, yep that’s about my level of rides these days! Hubby mentioned that the Super Bowl and Big Red water slides could do with some maintenance and I was pleased to hear that this is planned soon.

Kids Bali Waterpark
Kids playground area, great for the younger ones
Splash in Canggu
Mason and I enjoying the Crazy Creek
Canggu Splash Bali
The kids loved the slides
Waterpark Bali Splash
Jed and the kids testing out their balance!

The food was delicious and there was no need to move from our seats as you can order directly from your lounge chairs. I love that they give you a tab card with your number once you give them a credit card as security. We were then able to pay for all the food and drinks at the end, no need to worry about cash. Our nachos were yum and the kids loved their hot dogs and mac n cheese.

Splash Bali Price
Nachos at Splash
Splash in Bali
Table service at Splash in Bali
Splash Bali Reviews
Charlotte loved the hotdogs
Menu at Splash Park Canggu
Menu at Splash Park Canggu
Menu at Splash Canggu Bali
Menu at Splash Canggu Bali
Kids Menu at Splash Waterpark Canggu
Kids Menu at Splash Waterpark Canggu
Drinks at Splash Bali
Drinks at Splash Bali
Splash Bali Canggu
Beers and Cocktails at Splash Bali Canggu
Splash Canggu
Wine list at Splash

Please note: Splash Water park is closed for renovations from 4th of November 2019 and will re-open 24th December 2019

Bali Bounce

This was definitely one of Mason’s favourite activities of the trip! He loves to move and bounce with his eyes wide open when we walked in. The way that it works is on the hour the next session begins. So we arrived at 11am and had until 12pm to bounce. A great range of trampolines and areas for all abilities. Trampoline socks weren’t included in the entry price so if you don’t bring trampoline socks with you they are were 30,000rp per pair which is about $3aud. If you are wanting to regularly go to Bounce during your holiday, they have great deals for multiple sessions so check out their website.

Bounce Trampoline Bali
Charlotte having a great time at Bounce
Bounce Bali Canggu
Mason in his element at Bounce Canggu
Trampoline Park Bali
The kids and Berta having a great time at Bounce in Bali
Bounce Canggu Bali
Jed and Mason having a blast at Bounce Canggu Bali


Strike Bowling Canggu

We had so much fun at Strike and who would of thought we would have been bowling in Bali! We visited here first but I do note they have adjusted there opening hours and now open 12pm-8pm. If you don’t want to pay 25,000rp for a pair of socks bring your own. They are well set up for kids with the rolling assist available which was great with Mason. They had a well stocked bar and viewing area with pool tables over Bounce so great for all of the family including Dads! Such a great activity if it gets too hot or rainy outside.

Strike bowling Seminyak
Strike Bowling Desk
Strike Bowling in Canggu
Strike Bowling Bar
Strike Bowling Canggu
Strike Bowling Lanes
Strike Bowling in Bali
Charlotte loved bowling at Strike
Bowling in Seminyak
Mason loving having a go at bowling

Cubby House Kids Club Bali

Written by Rachel from @ourtravelspot Check them out on Instagram

We took our 3 year old to Cubby House Kids Club in April 2019. Travelling for a year, he’s short on both toys (aside from a small bag of favourites) and opportunities for social interaction. 

We looked at a few options in Bali around Canggu and Seminyak, and while there’s a heap of family friendly resorts and beach clubs, we were staying in our own villa and wanted somewhere he could visit casually, and without us (because he only wants to play with us if we are there, and it gives us a bit of time to do ‘boring stuff’ like have lunch or read a book haha).

One of the things that stuck out for us with Finns is that their age limit for unaccompanied play is only 2 years + – for the vast majority of other kids clubs this is 4 years +.

Cubby House Kids Club Bali
Cubby House Kids Club next to Bounce and Strike

As if that wasn’t exciting enough for us, they also have a program of activities for each day – free play, painting, crafts, movie time etc. There are also computers but you can opt not to let your child play on them – we opted for this as we are trying to do a digital detox (it’s surprising how 30mins a day can escalate when you’re trying to get stuff done and have a 5 month old baby to attend to!).

There’s no need to book ahead so we rolled down there one morning. Security scanned our taxi as it entered the complex, then more security checked our bags before we entered the building. At the Cubby House reception where we signed him in we felt super secure too – plenty of staff means the desk is never unattended. 

Asher was excited before we even got inside, spotting the toys through the window and shouting ‘yay, play sets!’. 

This helped to make signing in a breeze – we exchanged Whatsapp numbers and specified what he was allowed to order from the menu if he got hungry while the staff made a big fuss of him and made him feel really comfortable. He couldn’t wait to get inside! For a kid who isn’t used to daycare or being left anywhere, this was a godsend and he waved us off happily. 

Finns Canggu

Among the toys on offer there are three big racetrack play sets on a table, a lovely dolls house and an entire kitchen setup, along with an arts and crafts area, toddler area, Lego, library and a ‘movie theatre’ with a big tv and beanbags for the kids that go in the evenings for movie nights.

We’ve now been to Cubby House Kids Club three times at Ashers insistence and the abundance of friendly staff remember his name and welcome him back like a long lost friend! 

Being part of the impressive Finns offering meant we were able to get a free shuttle bus to the Finns Beach Club and relax there for a couple of hours with a cocktail in hand. Bliss! 


  • You can buy all sorts of time packages, weekly holiday memberships or just pay by the minute. 
  • A 2hr casual pass is just $17.50 (price April 2019)
  • We highly recommend the Super Fun Pass which gives you access to Splash Water Park, Finns Beach Club, Bounce and Strike Bowling. 



  • You can also specify whether and what they can order from the kids menu. Brilliant! No lunch time stress for Mum and Dad! 
  • There’s a range of options, our son loved the chicken tenders and fruit platters. 
Finn Bali Cubby House Kids Club
Cubby House Kids Club Menu 2019


  • Kids 2-12yrs: unaccompanied play
  • Under 2: must be accompanied (either by parents or a nanny)

Finns Bali

We highly recommend a day out at Finns Canggu or even better spread your visit over your holiday. Many villas have the VIP pass to Finns included in their villas prices so makes it a great deal! If you are keen to see more videos of our time at Finns, come over to our Facebook page where I took live videos throughout our day. If you have any questions please ask away and you can either comment here or send me an email here.


Kate xx

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Note: We were guests of Finns Recreation Club and received a family Super Fun Pass. We paid for our own food and drinks including socks to Bounce.


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