Mountain Buggy Nano Review

Mountain Buggy Nano Review

Traveling to Bali with babies and toddlers means thinking about extra things that will make your trip easier. We love travelling with our Mountain Buggy Nano stroller and Baby Bjorn Travel Cot, they make our holidays so much easier. We also love the look of baby diaper bag backpacks, they are so functional and we wish we had been organised enough to purchase one! Note to self, don’t take a handbag when travelling with kids ;-) We purchased our Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller in 2013 after previously using another travel stroller. We were after a stroller that could come on the plane as hand luggage, as Kate would often travel by herself with the kids to Bali and Mason had become too big for a carrier. Immigration can be a mighty pain with a toddler not wanting to hold still in line, so we have found them invaluable. Mason, who has autism, is extremely active so going through airports can be highly stressful! Having a stroller that we could take on board and put him straight into when we landed has been a life saver :-)

How awesome to be able to walk off the plane with 2 kids by myself at Bali airport and have it this easy!!

Immigration queues at Bali airport with the kids

We tell everyone we know about how much we love our Nano Mountain Buggy and my sister and a friend purchased their’s after they saw ours in action. It handles the Bali paths with ease and has a great kerb pop even with a large toddler on board. The basket underneath has a good amount of storage for a stroller and the foot brake is very easy to use.

The boys having a sleep at Waterbom Park in their Mountain Buggy Nano’s


  • Easy to use, folding is a breeze once you learn how
  • Great kerb pop, takes toddlers up until 20kg
  • Very easy to manoeuvre through tight spots that are well known to be tricky in Bali
  • Never had an issue taking as hand luggage on Jetstar or Virgin airlines. It weights less than 6kg and measures 54 x 31 x 51cm when folded. Some have noted that they haven’t been allowed on board with them so they may need to be checked in
  • Great transport bag with straps that I can carry over my shoulder
  • Straps are very robust and easy to use. The┬áHoudini Stop Clip fits easily over the straps to keep active Mason in the stroller


Mason sleeping at Royal Beach Seminyak while we enjoyed dinner. Like the blanket aka serviette ;-)


  • The Nano doesn’t completely recline with the recommended start age being 6 months. You can purchase a cocoon from Mountain Buggy for use with newborns and the stroller also comes with attachments to use most car capsules with the stroller
  • Price could be more than you want to pay, check out eBay for second hand strollers in great condition
  • The sun cover doesn’t completely cover baby/toddler from the sun and also rests on your hands when folded back. Weather covers can be purchased separately if needed


The boys looking super impressed while Charlotte goes for a pony ride at Bali Equestrian Centre!Think the stroller might be a bit overloaded ;-)

We highly recommend the Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller for anyone wanting to purchase a stroller and not necessarily just for airline travel. We use ours all the time and we love how compact it is in the boot of our car. The price is well and truly worth it, we love when we buy a product that we use all the time!

Kate xx

This is not a sponsored post but a review of something that we genuinely love and want to share with you.

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