My Big Adventure Bali Book Review

My Big Adventure Bali

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Finding things to entertain the kids for the plane ride to Bali and something to do that doesn’t involve technology on our Bali family holidays is always high on our list. The kids were excited to try out their My Big Adventure Bali travel diaries as soon as they arrived! Full of activities to do and best of all for us parents, educational aspects like learning to count in Indonesian. We often travel during the school term and I’m always wanting educational activities for the kids to do. These travel diaries help to ease the Mum guilt as I know they are enriching the Bali experience for our kids.

There are 3 different versions of the My Big Adventure Bali Book that you can purchase. All 3 books contain the video and cultural content and I will explain about the video content lower down. The ages will be dependent on your own children. I think Charlotte at 11 and 12 years will still use the book and younger kids may be more suited to the older diary or vice versa.

Bali Travel Diary and Activity Book for ages 3-5 years

This book is designed for pre-schoolers and includes pre-writing development, letters + numbers, colours + shape recognition and simple problem solving.

Bali Travel Diary and Activity Book for ages 6-10 years

Designed for junior school kids. It includes writing, sight words, mathematics, geography and moderate problem solving.

Bali Ebook suitable for all ages

These online versions of the book only contain the video and cultural content.

My Big Adventure Bali
Charlotte enjoying her book during our stay at Novotel Nusa Dua in October 2019
My Big Adventure Bali
Chill out time at Villa Joju Bali
My Big Adventure Bali
Relaxing by the pool at Canggu Family Escapes
My Big Adventure Bali
Beautifully Illustrated Pages

One of my favourite components of the books is the video content. By scanning the QR Code on a phone or tablet the book comes to life! In the photos and video below you can see how Charlotte used the QR code to better understand how to pronounce the Indonesian words.

My Big Adventure Bali
It even becomes interactive!

My Big Adventure Bali

My Big Adventure Bali

My Big Adventure Bali

My Big Adventure Bali

My Big Adventure Bali

My Big Adventure Bali

If you would like to purchase a copy of the My Big Adventure Bali book check out their website. You can also find them at Facebook and Instagram. They have also expanded their range of books to have a Thailand travel diary and coming soon is Australia.

Kate xx

We were very grateful to be gifted the travel diaries for the kids but all thoughts in this review are our own.

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