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Finding a Bali driver isn’t hard, finding one that you trust that provides car seats for the kids is a bit trickier. We have used a few drivers over our Bali trips, all have been lovely and accommodating to our needs. It can be wise to check that the driver you use has insurance for their vehicles, this is important if something were to happen. One thing is you will never be without Bali transport as every corner seems to have one! If you are also trying to work out where to stay in Bali, check out our post on where to stay in Bali.

What do we use Bali Driver’s for?

In general I use drivers in Bali for one of two purposes. We also use Blue Bird Taxis or Grab cars for short trips.

  • Transfers: Airport transfers or transfers between hotels/villas
  • Day trips: Exploring the island or even just shopping
  • Luggage transfers: Our trusted drivers have taken our luggage to our next accommodation while we go on a day trip

I always book a transfer with a driver for when we arrive at the airport especially if it’s late at night. Day trips are a wonderful way to see the island and having a driver on a shopping trip is mighty handy when they wait patiently at each shop!

Booking a driver for the first time for an airport transfer is a great way to see if they will work for your family. If we are happy with their service, I might mention at the end of the transfer is there a possibility of a day trip. This is usually met with a big yes and then we work out a day that might suit us all.

Bali Drivers
One of our drivers Made Mangku with Mason in 2017

Airport Transfers

Most hotels will offer airport transfers and sometimes the price can be included in your room rate. If it isn’t included in the room rate and the price they charge for the transfers is too high I will use our personal Bali driver. There is a taxi stand at the airport but just be mindful that if you have a few kids and luggage you will need a couple of taxis as the Blue Birds aren’t huge. Please note: when we visited in June 2022 we were pleased to see the Blue Bird taxis had been upgraded in size.

If you book a driver well in advance for an airport transfer I would send them a message a week before you travel to verify all the details. I give them the flight number and expected time of arrival. If your flight is delayed, don’t be concerned about your driver. He will see the relevant flight details at the airport and will know that your flight has been delayed. If your flight has been cancelled send them a message with your new flight details.

You proceed through all the formalities like immigration and customs and walk outside to a large number of drivers holding name signs. If for whatever reason you can’t see your driver holding a sign with your name when you arrive, approach the central desk near where all the drivers are standing. Show the clerk at the desk the name of your driver and they will announce it over the loudspeaker so that the driver can find you. Often planes are delayed and the drivers don’t know when you are going to walk through, especially as the bags can take forever.

Bali Airport
Coming through from the customs area. Note the Bali drivers in the distance and the area that tourists can wait for you in
Bali airport
Waiting Bali Drivers
Bali Drivers Airport
Arriving with the kids in 2019

At this point, the driver will walk with you and your luggage to the car park, leave you in a spot, and go collect their van. This can get a bit hot and be a little bit confronting on your first trip. For that reason, especially with kids, make sure you have some water with you. I either get my water bottle filled on the plane before landing or after clearing immigration I change $50aud and then buy a bottle of water at duty-free. This is quick and easy to do.

Bali Airport
Carpark where you wait for your driver
Bali Airport
Just before you meet your driver you will find a couple of shops
Bali Airport
Money changers too

Great drivers will make you feel very welcome often by having cold Bintangs, water or soft drinks ready for you in an esky in their van. After a long flight this is so welcome and you feel in holiday mode. As I mentioned earlier, Taxi’s are available if your driver that you have organised doesn’t turn up.

Taxis in Bali
Taxi Rank at Bali Airport
Bali taxis
Taxi Rank Details in 2018

Day Trips

Having a great driver makes a difference with day trips. The traffic in Bali can be quite congested, so having a van that is comfortable and kept cool is a must. Also having a driver that is friendly and is lovely to talk to can make your day seem not as long.

With kids, I recommend not planning too much in your Bali itinerary. Short distances on a map can take a long time to drive in Bali so it’s best to discuss with your driver the times it will take to get to different places and also factor in toilet breaks for the kids.

Bali Day Trips
Our family at Tegallang Rice Terraces Ubud

I also highly recommend getting car seats for longer trips, these can make or break a day trip. For shorter trips and taxi rides we don’t use car seats as the traffic goes so slow. By all means hire a van with car seats to drive you every where, this is definitely an option and some more expensive villas come with this, but taking a car seat with you for every short trip can become very time consuming. I also carry sick bags when we travel in Bali. Our daughter suffers from mild car sickness in Australia but has been car sick in Bali quite a few times.

How to book a Bali Driver and keep in contact

When I first research and contact Bali drivers I use either What’s App or Facebook Messenger. What’s App is widely used in Bali and is an app that you should download before you travel to Bali.

The best way to keep in contact with a driver while in Bali is via What’s App. Most restaurants and resorts will have WIFI available so the app is easy to access. If you choose to get a SIM even better as you will always have access to them.

Recommended Drivers

I recently asked friends and our Facebook Group members recommendations for excellent drivers. Here is the list of drivers that came recommended including the drivers I recommend too. This list goes perfect with our recommendations of Bali Nannies and you can find that post here.

The drivers details are below and please check directly with each driver to get a quote.

Made Mangku

+62 821 4567 2621

Our long time friend and driver Made is fantastic. He has car seats available and always greets us with a cold drink at the airport.

Our driver Made with our nanny Berta on a day trip to visit a village in Sideman in 2013

Dewa Nyoman

What’s App +6281338044755

Instagram Balismarttours

Facebook Bali Smart Tours

We have personally used his services and he is great!

  • Car seats available
  • Airport transfers
  • Hotel transfers
  • Day Tours
  • Activities as Rafting, Quad Bike, Snorkeling, Water Sport with discounted price
  • Tickets to Bali Zoo, Bali Safari and Elephant Safari
  • Drive: 7 seater van, 16 seater mini bus with air con and safety belts
  • Also can provide esky
Bali Drivers
Dewa from Bali Smart Tours


+62 813 37497178

Alex works with other drivers as part of Epo Bali Driver

Car seats available and we have personally had him drive for us. He’s lovely and his wife also has cooking classes that can come to your villa. Check out Wayan Balinese Cooking Class on Facebook. He can also arrange larger vans and does day tours for a great price.

Bali driver
Jed the kids and my sister in law and niece with Alex in 2019
Bali airport
Alex driving us to the airport

Alit Pranata

What’s App +62 8776 1604 525

Facebook Page: Alit Pranata Bali Personal Driver

Car seats available and is a fantastic guide. I have personally used him in 2018 and highly recommend.

Bali Drivers

Dede aka Mr Tom Cruise

+62 8124 669 9134


Facebook page: Bali Tour Addict BTA Tour & Travel


His services include:

  • baby car seat
  • free mineral water
  • parking tickets
  • toll road pass
  • SUV car, normal car, van that can have up to 17 people inside
  • good air conditioning

Wayan Yasa

+62 812 367 6709

Bali Paradise Island Tours Guide

Car seat available

Car seat provided by Wayan Yasa

I Made Darmayasa

What’s App + 62 813 391 010 98

Darma Bali Tour and Transport

Car seat available and also provides stroller and esky

Works in a team of 20 others to provide last minute bookings

Mades 7 seater van with car seat and stroller

Wayan Sila

+62 823903421

Sila’s Bali Tour and also owner of Asli Bali Villas

Car seats can be organised

Sila with his van for Asli Bali Villa

Ngurah Jack

+62 813 38230088

Car seats available

Can organise car seats if needed

Bali Drivers


+62 812 3982871

Yandira is located in Ubud so is great for day trips or transfers to Ubud

Magical Bali Tours

Car seat available

Bali Drivers

Ketut Suryawan

Whats app number +628174745592

Ketut Bali Adventure and Tour

Range of car seats available including 0-2 years and 1 year to 6 years

Ketut’s van with car seat. Baby seat also available

Made Palguna

Whatโ€™s App number +62 082144663047 or +62 812-5003-4700


Facebook page Made Palguna

Baby car seat available including rear facing and included esky of water + bottled beer. Great English and highly recommend. Works with Alex at Epo Bali Driver.

Made from Epo Bali Driver team with me in 2019

Keong Mas Bali Tours

Whatโ€™s app number +62 878 6629 9825 / +62 821 4786 6884

Facebook Keong Mas Bali Tours

Car seat available for no extra charge for babies and toddlers up to 3 years old. They provide free water & snacks upon pick up of tours, all parking fees, petrol, insurance, free WIFI & the use of an ipad (if the guest chooses). Bintang upon request. They can also help organise birthday cakes for guests. They have it delivered to them then they can bring it on the day of the tour. They also hire out a portacot and all proceeds from the hire go towards helping the less fortunate in Bali. They can also take larger groups.

Bali Driver
Bali Driver

Ketut Sudira

WhatsApp number +6285237767998

Facebook page  Dirabalitour

Has a car seat for baby aged 1 year and older plus a booster seat is available. Can take big groups of 15-16 people.

His full day tour price includes: minerals water and 2 bottle Soft drink (coke/lemonade) in Esky box, or provides small Bintang beer with additional charge IDR 20k/bottle (or any requests of drinks)

Yan Yanick

+62 81 353 314 277

Facebook Yanick Bali’s Best Driver

Yan provides Aqua, Beer, Coca-Cola, Sprite and Fanta. The car is big enough for 7 people and he also has access to 15, 25 and 45 seater buses for larger groups.

Bali Driver
Bali Driver
Bali Driver

My Brothers Transport

WhatsApp +62 87761445900

Facebook My Brothers Transport

They have a 7 seater available and a larger van of more than 12 seats needs to be requested 3 days prior. They have a car seat for children 0-13kg.

Bali Driver
Bali Driver
Bali Driver

Ricky Bali Transport

WhatsApp +62 877 79707547

Facebook Ricky Bali Transport

Can take 5-6 guest because van has roof rack. Many car seats available that are new and in great condition. 3 sizes, little baby, toddler and booster for bigger child. Their seats can be rear facing if parent requests. Esky service, with water free and Bintang 20k each, vodkas 25k each, soft drink 15k each or other drink on request. Larger group size possible and able to drive up 20 seat bus. Have option 12, 14, 18, 20 seat. Van has DVD player and Wifi available at request for no charge. Pram for guest use free charge for full day tours and can be hired for time in Bali at small fee.

Bali Driver
Bali Driver
Bali Driver

Eddie Goodboy Service

WhatsApp +6282236335781

Facebook Eddie goodboy Bali Tour service

Many Australians use Eddie Goodboy Service tour, car seats are available. They also have larger vans/buses for larger groups.

Bali Driver
Bali Driver

Good Day Tour SVC Bali

WhatsApp +6281239998772

Facebook Good Day Tour Service

Gde comes highly recommended. A baby car seat can be provided. Additional services included are mineral bottled water, gasoline, and parking ticket. A van for a larger group can be provided.

DMY Tour Bali

Kadek Hadi

WhatsApp  +628979989142

Facebook DMY Tour Bali


Car seat is available and Kadek can also organise a capsule if needed. He works with his older brother if any one need a bigger car or we can use 2 cars. Cooler box on request.

Bali driver
Bali Driver

Aryโ€™s Tour & Sightseeing Service

WhatsApp +6281338127564

Facebook Ary’s Tour and Sightseeing

Website Bali Tour Organizers

Baby seat available plus esky with drinks on request. Can also take big groups.

Rio De Bali

WhatsApp to +628123914782

Facebook Rio De Bali

Baby car seat, stroller and esky. Plus WIFI and he has 7 seater van and also a bus with 15 – 17 seats.

Made Merta

WhatsApp +62 813 3873 9631

Facebook Page Bali Tours with Made Merta

Esky with water and ice. Baby seat and pram cost approximately $10 for both. Started driving in 1995 with lots of knowledge of Bali

Great drivers can make your family holiday even more special so please consider using a recommended driver from either here or from family/friends advice. There are plenty of drivers on the street that will try to get your business especially in low season and occasionally these can work out to be excellent. Most of the time they can change plans at the last minute or not turn up at all!

Also if you are not keen to check out silver shops or carving workshops on your day trips be very explicit in explaining that you do not want to go to these places. Most drivers in Bali are trying to do the right thing and earn a living. Just make sure you feel comfortable with them and if not, ask to be taken to the nearest restaurant/McDonalds so you can work out some other way to get around.

As you use the same driver over a few trips, you will learn more about their families and may even be lucky enough to be invited back to the family home for a meal. The Balinese hospitality is amazing and a memory you will never forget.

Kate xx

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  1. Pingback: Ultimate guide to Bali With Kids - Rolling Along With Kids

    • Jess
    • February 12, 2018

    Are there any drivers that can provide rear facing car seats? Legally my one can face forward but I would prefer not to do this as I think he will want to face forward when we get home and I am holding off as long as possible for that.

      • Kate
      • February 15, 2018

      Hi Jess, there are drivers that can definitely do that for you and I must update this post with the ones that do. You could also hire a rear facing seat from Bali Baby Hire quite cheaply which might be an option. Cheers, Kate

        • Gulser
        • January 12, 2024

        Hello, i would like to ask how much does it cost per day the driver with gasoline?

          • Kate
          • January 14, 2024

          Hi, I would contact drivers to get updated prices. Thanks

    • Michellev
    • February 18, 2018

    Hi there, we are a family of 6 adults and 3 children, do you know if there is anyone (pref based in seminyak) that has transport big enough to transport us all around Bali

      • Kate
      • February 21, 2018

      Hi, some of the different drivers have larger vans so if you contact them through the details in the post they should be able to help you. Have a great trip, Kate xx

    • Pascale
    • October 11, 2018

    Hi, we are travelling to lombok from Bali with our baby and 3 year old. do you have any recommendations for drivers on lombok who can also provide car seats ? we are looking for transport from the airport to senggigi as well as a couple of day trips !
    cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Kate
      • October 11, 2018

      Hi! I’m sorry I don’t know of drivers in Lombok with car seats, we haven’t travelled to Lombok yet. Cheers, Kate

    • Tara brauns
    • February 8, 2019

    Hi Kate, which one has bintangs and water waiting for you? I like the sounds of that.

      • Kate
      • February 11, 2019

      It’s the best! Most drivers probably do but Made Mangku our regular driver does ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Rochelle
      • March 4, 2019

      Hey Tara, my husband & his team supply water on all airport transfers & tours. Bintangs upon request ๐Ÿ™‚ All the best.

    • Sara
    • August 22, 2023

    Can baby seats go in the bigger buses? We have a group of 13, 3 kids need baby seats. Thanks!

      • Kate
      • September 3, 2023

      Yes baby seats are available in the buses too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Reply

    Love this post! As a parent, it’s great to have recommendations for family-friendly drivers in Bali. We’ve had some not-so-great experiences with drivers in the past, so this is really helpful. Definitely saving this for our next trip!

      • Kate
      • March 11, 2024

      Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Maria
    • April 23, 2024

    This is such a great resource on Bali! I think I’ve read every article you wrote on Bali in preparation for our family trip. Thank you very much for taking the time to share.

    Are any of the above drivers work as guides as well? Is Made Mangku or Dewa Nyoman able to provide some information on historical and cultural background of most popular tourist attractions or their job is really to make the transportation easy and enjoyable (which is not a small feat with young children!)?

      • Kate
      • April 25, 2024

      Yes they are amazing and I love the cultural info they tell our family

    • MiMi
    • June 9, 2024

    Hey! This is all SO useful! thanks.
    We are heading to Bali with our 5 yr old and 18m old – we want to check out Ubud for a couple of days before we go south to Dua Nusa, but do you think the drive would make it not worth it? Ive heard if you set off from the airport early afternoon (like we would be) it can take 4/5 hours! would you say this is right? How long would it be Ubud to Dua Nusa too approx? not sure if we are expecting a bit much of the little ones.
    any info would be great! thanks

      • Kate
      • June 11, 2024

      Hi, From airport/Nusa Dua it could be up to 2 hours one way. So can be done, often over Christmas/New Years the traffic can be horrendous so can take longer. Thanks Kate

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