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Hi! It’s great to have you here and if you are wanting to know anything about travelling to Bali with kids you have come to the right place! Our family of 2 adults and 2 kids love to travel to Bali from Australia. We understand how daunting it can be booking a family holiday to Bali as the first time we did it in 2012 we were overwhelmed! There is so many places to stay, things to do, it can be hard to know even where to start. You can find more about our family and why we love Bali so much here.

Bali with kids
Our family with the beautiful staff of The Sea Shanty Villa in Jimbaran

There are so many posts on this blog that you might find it overwhelming especially if it’s your first time to Bali. Check out these 10 posts that will help you start planning your perfect Bali family holiday.

  1. Our Ultimate guide to Bali with kids

  2. Where to stay in Bali

  3. Booking cheap flights to Bali

  4. Finding the best Bali deals

  5. Bali packing list with kids

  6. Bali hotels with kids clubs

  7. Things not to do in Bali

  8. All about Bali Nannies

  9. Finding a Bali driver for your family

  10. Our ultimate guide to Waterbom water park

Once you have been through these posts you will have more of an idea of what a holiday to Bali with kids can look like. Now the fun begins of making those final decisions on where to stay and what to do! Check out the different areas in Bali for a more detailed look at accommodation for your family and our Bali with kids tips for everything you need to help plan the perfect Bali family holiday.

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