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Padma Ubud Bali

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Our stay at the Padma Ubud Bali resort in November 2017 was fantastic and the whole family had such a great stay. There were so many facilities at the Padma Resort Bali Ubud that we really didn’t need to leave. The kids loved the kids club and kids pool, while us adults loved the spectacular views and amazing service from the wonderful Padma Ubud staff. I will be honest and say I did have my reservations about staying at a resort that was a 30 minute drive from Ubud. What if I didn’t like the food and I couldn’t just head quickly down the street to find something better. Or that I would feel ‘stuck’ and that I wasn’t experiencing Bali. Well I can say I didn’t feel like that at all! The food was amazing and oh my goodness, the breakfast spread was the best I have ever seen! It was fantastic to not have to fight with the traffic of central Ubud and the views on the drive from Ubud to the Padma Resort Ubud were beautiful. If you are asking where to stay in Ubud with kids, The Padma Ubud Bali should be at the top of your list.

Why should your family stay at The Padma Resort Ubud Bali?

  • If you are wanting a 5 star resort with fantastic facilities in the countryside of Bali where you can easily explore central Bali.
  • If you are searching for a resort near Ubud that has a kids club. This is one of the only Ubud resorts that I could find with dedicated kids facilities.
  • If food is important to your stay then the Padma Bali Ubud has you covered. Breakfast sets a very high standard and all the Padma Resort Ubud food is of high quality including the free afternoon tea.
Padma Ubud Resort Bali Pool
The gorgeous pool at Padma Ubud Resort Bali

Padma Hotel Ubud Overview

The Padma Resort Ubud is a 2 hour drive from the Bali airport and is a 30 minute drive north from Ubud central. It overlooks the river valley and everywhere in the resort is a photo moment. We had our own driver take us to the resort and found that Google maps was accurate and easy to find. The resort has a shuttle service that takes you into Ubud and picks you up that is included in your stay.

Hotel Padma Resort Ubud
The stunning driveway to the resort
Padma Resort Map
Padma Resort Map
Padma Resort Ubud
Details of shuttle and dining

The stunning surrounds of Padma Ubud Resort

Arriving at the lobby there was only one word that could describe what we were seeing, WOW! The beautifully kept gardens and paths made it a pleasure to walk around. There was a lift to the 4th floor so getting around with a pram was OK once we knew which way to walk.

Padma Resort Ubud Lobby
The kids loved the fish at the lobby
Padma Ubud Bali Resort
Padma Ubud Front Desk
Hotel Ubud Padma
Padma Ubud lobby
Hotel Padma Ubud
Looking down over the lobby from the 4th floor
Padma Ubud Bali
Looking from the 4th level near our room over the lobby and club rooms
Padma Ubud Garden
Padma Ubud Garden

Pool at Padma Resort Ubud

The huge pool at the Padma Ubud was absolutely stunning! There was plenty of space for couples to enjoy relaxing, quiet time and spots for families like ours to enjoy it with busy kids. The kids pool just outside the kids club was perfect for younger ones to splash around in.

Pool at Padma Ubud Resort
Pool at Padma Ubud Resort
Padma Ubud Booking
Looking from near the pool bar back to the restaurant
Padma Resort Pictures
Picture perfect pool
Padma Accommodation Ubud Bali
Pool bar was fun and at the opposite end of the pool to the kids club
The Padma Resort Ubud
Kids enjoying the kids pool
Padma Ubud Kids Club
View of the kids pool from the kids club

Kids Club at Padma Resort Ubud

Our kids really enjoyed the kids club and were always asking to go back. The room was full of fun toys and books which the kids had a great time playing with. There was a room with bunk beds for the kids to have a nap and the kids club accepts kids aged 4 and over. You can organise a babysitter through the hotel if your child is under 4 yrs and they also accept outside nannies like ours, that come to look after the younger kids at the kids club. It is open from 9am till 9pm so is perfect for the kids to enjoy a movie while Mum and Dad enjoy a kid free dinner. Just keep in mind there are a few steps leading up to the kids club entry. It was also not undercover to get to and from our room when it was raining but they provided umbrellas.

Padma Ubud Kids Club Bali
The 5 kids enjoying the kids club
Padma Bali Reviews
The staff were amazing at the kids club Ubud
Padma Ubud Kids Club
Playing super heroes at the Padma Ubud Kids Club
Kids in Ubud
Girls enjoying bingo at the kids club
kids Club Ubud Bali
TV for movie time
Where to stay in Ubud with family
Padma Ubud Weekly Activities
Ubud Kids Club
List of info for the kids club

Other kids facilities at Padma Ubud Resort

So the kids club was not the only things for the kids to do at the resort. The kids enjoyed a tour of the animal garden and walking down to the river through the jungle. This can be done with a pram as it’s also a jogging track so well paved.

What to do in Ubud with kids
The kids loved the Animal Garden Tour
What to do in Ubud with family
Such lovely staff that are amazing with kids
Ubud with a toddler
Mason loved the hands on experience
Walking back to the pool after the animal garden tour
Ubud with children
The kids loved the walking track to the river
Ubud Family Friendly Resorts
Making to the river on our walk. These were the first set of steps we had to walk over
Ubud Bali things to do
Charlotte enjoying the walk back to the hotel and pool!

Rooms at Padma Resort Ubud

During our stay we stayed in a premier twin room in wing C on the 4th floor. I also had a look through the family suites in wing A.

Premier Twin Room

Our room was so spacious and plenty of room for the 4 of us. The beds were ultra comfy and the room had all the modern western conveniences that we needed like safe, coffee machine, international power points, fridge and best of all a huge room service menu. For those wanting to know about safety within the rooms we found them not too bad with Mason who has ASD. The front door didn’t have a high enough security latch for him but there was a heavy hallway table that we moved in front of the door in case he tried to escape we could hear his efforts of moving the table. The balcony door also didn’t have a high latch but the heavy table on the balcony acted as a barrier and slowed him down. The balcony rail was of a high height so we felt comfortable on the 4th floor. The ground level rooms were great for the kids to have a run around on the grass outside and might be something to request if you are traveling with a toddler and baby.

Padma Resort Bali Family Room
The beds were a great size for our family
Ubud Family Accommodation
Plenty of room for everyone! The kids hanging out with our nannies Berta and Monica.
Best Hotels in Ubud
Sitting area in the room, great for Charlotte’s homework
Padma Ubud Bathroom
Huge bathroom
Padma Premier Room
Huge bathtub. The bathroom could be accessed through 2 separate doors
best places to stay in Ubud Bali with kids
Our jungle view from our balcony
Family friendly accommodation Ubud Bali
Mason and I hanging out on the balcony at 5 am!

Don’t mind the mess! Traveling with kids means sometimes you take the chance of videoing the room when you can!

Welcome letter

Family Suite Rooms

These rooms were gorgeous and had so much space! They are essentially a one bedroom suite with an interconnecting premier twin room. You won’t be disappointed if you book these suites but you may not want to leave!

Padma Resort Bali Family Room
Stunning spa views on the balcony
Padma Resort Bali Family Room
Master bedroom family suite
Padma Resort Bali Family Room
View from the master bed
Padma Resort Bali Family Room
Family suite lounge
Padma Resort Bali Family Room
Master ensuite
Padma Resort Bali Family Room
Master ensuite
Padma Resort Bali Family Room
Kids room
Padma Resort Bali Family Room
View from kids ensuite
Padma Resort Bali Family Room
Bathroom in kids room
Padma Resort Bali Family Room
Interconnecting door from one bedroom suite to premier twin room to make up the family suite

Padma Resort Bali Breakfast

Breakfast is served in the 4th floor restaurant Puhu and the views are spectacular. The balcony is very safe with the kids and they have lots of high chairs. The staff are great with the kids and even made up Mason’s hot chocolate in a take away coffee cup so he didn’t spill it every where. The range at breakfast was huge! Every thing you could think of was there and even gluten free options. I got quite the taste for the freshly made noodles and the kids thought the donuts were great!

Padma Ubud Resort Bali
Coffee was great! Not a bad view from breakfast
Padma Resort Bali Breakfast
So many fruits!
Padma Resort Bali Breakfast
Charlotte at the gluten free selection
Padma Resort Bali Breakfast
Huge range at breakfast
Padma Resort Bali Breakfast
Pancake station
Padma Resort Bali Breakfast
Balinese style breakfasts
Padma Resort Bali Breakfast
Juices at breakfast
Noodles for breakfast
Noodles for breakfast
Padma Resort Ubud Pool
Stunning view over the pool at breakfast
Mt Agung Bali
View of Mt Agung letting off some steam

Restaurants at Padma Bali Ubud

The food options at the Padma Resort Ubud were excellent and the kids menus had lots of choices. There were 4 dining options at the Padma and afternoon tea was complimentary.

  • Room service (menu below)
Padma Resort Bali Reviews
Room service Padma Ubud

Padma Bali Reviews

Padma Ubud Review
Room Service Menu
Padma Bali Deals
Room Service Menu
Padma Resort Ubud Tripadvisor
Room Service Menu

Padma Accommodation Ubud

Padma Reviews Ubud
Room service menu
The Padma Resort Bali
Room Service Menu

Ubud for Families

Padma Resort Deals
Room Service Menu
  • The Puhu Restaurant (where breakfast and afternoon tea was also served on the 4th floor)
best restaurants in Ubud
View from Puhu Restaurant
Padma Ubud dining
View over the river from Puhu Restaurant
Ubud Restaurants
Yummy dinner at Puhu Restaurant
best restaurants in bali ubud indonesia
My creme brulee was delicious
Ubud best places to eat
Warm chocolate molten cake
best restaurant in ubud
Enjoying a kid free dinner at Puhu Restaurant
good bali restaurants
Puhu Menu
best food in Ubud Bali
Puhu Menu
best view restaurant in Bali
Puhu Menu
best places to eat in Ubud Bali
Puhu Menu
Ubud Resto
Puhu Menu
best restaurants in Bali tripadvisor
Puhu Menu
family restaurant Bali
Puhu Menu
restaurant Bali Ubud
Puhu Menu
  • The Pool Cafe and Bar (the restaurant near the pool that also provided pool side service)
Best restaurants in Ubud Bali
View from pool cafe and bar
dinner in Ubud
Pool Cafe and Bar
best hotels in Ubud Bali
Food by the pool at Padma Ubud
  • The Lounge (We enjoyed a cocktail and they also serve snack food)
Padma resort Ubud booking
Enjoying cocktails at The Lounge while the nannies look after the kids
Hotel Padma Ubud
Menu at The Lounge
Padma Ubud drinks
Drinks at The Lounge

The Padma Ubuds Resort also had many other dining option including buffet nights, jungle BBQs, degustation dinners and romantic dinners that could be prepared. We enjoyed the Nusantara Buffet Dinner on the Wednesday night and the entertainment after dinner was great. The food was delicious and if you stay at the Padma Ubud, I highly recommend you try it out.

best hotels in Ubud for families
Buffet Dinner Info
Ubud Dinner
Buffet Dinner
Padma Ubud Resort Dinner
Buffet Dinner Satay
Padma Ubud Hotel
Buffet Dinner Food
restaurants in Ubud
The food was so good!
padma resort ubud booking
The desserts were so good too
Padma Resort Bali
Traditional Bali dance at the buffet dinner
things to do in Ubud Bali
Meeting all the performers after dinner
Padma Ubud dinner
Degustation Dinner details
Dinner at Ubud
Jungle BBQ details
Best romantic dinner Ubud Bali
Romantic dinner details

Afternoon is complimentary and served in the Puhu Restaurant from 2:30pm – 4pm. The food was good and especially if the kids needed a snack in the afternoon. The churros were yum and Charlotte was very excited by the watermelon. It includes tea and coffee but doesn’t include latte’s and these cost $4.50aud.

Padma Resort Ubud afternoon tea
Charlotte loved afternoon tea
Padma Ubud
Banana fritters
Padma afternoon tea
Sandwiches and croissants
Padma Bali Ubud
Churros were yum!!


Padma Resort Ubud Spa

The resort ‘The Spa’ was in a beautiful setting and the massages were good. I enjoyed 2 Balinese massages and the kids enjoyed their 30 minute massage. The prices match what you would expect at a 5 star Resort with my 1 hour massage costing $66aud and the kids 1/2hr massage $34aud.

Padma Ubud Spa
Spa entrance
Padma Ubud Spa
Padma Ubud Spa
Padma Spa Ubud
Padma Spa Ubud massage room
Padma Spa Ubud
Space to relax in after my massage
Padma Ubud Spa
The girls very excited for their massages
Padma Ubud Spa Kids
The girls loving their massages
Padma Ubud Spa
Spa Promo

Other activities at Padma Bali Ubud Resort


I took part in a morning yoga class and it was set in the most beautiful setting. I am definitely a beginner at yoga but felt comfortable to take part. We were all different levels but the instructor was great and understanding.

Padma Ubud Yoga
Yoga at Padma Ubud Resort

Jogging track

So as I mentioned before, there was a track down to the river that was great to walk with the kids. This jogging track was also excellent for my morning runs and was 3.4kms long with the option of stair work. The views were spectacular and what a place to exercise!

Padma Ubud Jogging track
Gorgeous sunrise on the Padma Ubud jogging track
best place to stay in Ubud with family
Jogging track


The gym had a great amount of equipment and overlooked the pool so you weren’t stuck in a room out the back of the hotel. Also one day we were by the pool and I needed to charge my phone and the gym staff were kind enough to let me charge my phone.

Padma Ubud Gym
Padma Resort Ubud Gym

Other facilities at Padma Resort Ubud

Medical Clinic

We luckily didn’t need any medical treatment when we were at the Padma Ubud but I had a look through and a chat to the nurse. They were very well equipped for a resort and it made me feel more confident about staying at the resort.

Ubud Medical Clinic
Clinic at Padma Ubud
Ubud medical clinic
Clinic facilities at Padma Ubud
Padma Ubud Medical Clinic
Medical clinic equipment
Padma Resort Ubud Medical
Padma Resort Ubud doctor costs

ATM and Gift Shop

There is also an ATM on site if you need to get cash out and the front desk can exchange money. The gift shop at the lobby had a great range of gifts including dolls from Bali Street Kids Project and our favourite Bali kids book My Awesome Bali Adventure.

Padma Resort Ubud ATM
ATM details
Padma Ubud Giftshop
Charlotte purchasing a doll from the Bali Street Kids Project

Swim and Dine Package

If you are trying to decide if the Padma Resort Ubud would be a good place to stay for your family or you would like to try out their facilities, Padma Ubud Resort Swim and Dine package is just for you. For adults the price is 350,000rp and for kids aged 0-12yrs it is 250,000rp which includes everything in the photo below. There is no need to book for groups under 10 people. I chatted to the front desk about visiting kids using the kids club and they said if there was room on the day they could. The gym right near the pool has a shower so after a day of swimming and exploring you can freshen up before the trip back down south.

Padma holiday packages
Swim and Dine voucher

We loved our stay at the Padma Resort Ubud and would go back tomorrow if we could. We wish we had stayed longer than 4 nights as we missed out on getting to Bali Treetop Adventure Park. We found it to be a great base to explore central Bali and to enjoy relaxing while at the same time having things to do in the resort. If you would like to chat to me more about our stay email me or contact me on Facebook or Instagram. We hope you enjoyed this review and feel free to share it with your friends. Also currently there is a Padma Ubud Scoopon deal going for Australian’s and you can find the details here.

Kate xx

Note: We stayed at Padma Resort Ubud on media rates for our room. We paid full price for all food and spa treatments. Our reviews are always honest and we only work with companies that we are confident will provide us with a great experience that we can share.

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    • Aoife
    • June 12, 2018

    Hi, what nannies did you use? Looking to visit next month with a 1 year old. Thanks

      • Kate
      • June 13, 2018

      Hi! We used Berta and Monica on this trip but I’m sure the Padma Ubud would have great babysitters that you could use. Cheers, Kate

    • Nina
    • August 3, 2018

    Hi Kate what do you normally do for cash over there? Do you exchange in Australia before you go? Do you use mostly cash for restaurants etc or still use credit cards? Thank you !

      • Kate
      • August 9, 2018

      Hi Nina, we take AUD with us in large notes like $50 or $100. We then exchange at one of the reputable bank looking money exchangers, do not change it on the street from stalls saying no commission. Be sure to always count your money before you leave. We then use cash in restaurants and shops but may use our atm cards at places like Waterbom to pay for tickets. Cheers, Kate

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