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Updated 10th May 2022

It has been a long 2 years but Bali is finally opening up to tourists! Such a hard time for the Balinese and businesses in Bali, we can’t wait to get back and support them. We have a trip planned for June 2022 and have put together this list of things to do before you travel to Bali.

Please note this is the current requirements to enter Bali as a tourist for a short stay of to 1-2 months. Things can change very quickly and the current requirements are in a trial phase. So the following information is best suited for you if you are travelling to Bali in the next few weeks and are travelling from Australia. I will come back and update the post when there are major changes.

Things to do before you travel to Bali

It has been a long time since international travel was allowed to Bali, especially from Australia (we can’t wait for New Zealand to follow) so there are a few things you need to do:

  • Check your passport expiry! I recently applied for a new passport for Charlotte as hers expired mid 2021. We were lucky to get the new one posted to us in 2 weeks but it can take up to 6-8 weeks for the new passport to arrive so make sure you leave yourself enough time.
  • Bali requires 6 months validity left on your passports expiry date from the day you intend to arrive in Bali. This is very important as you will not be able to board the plane to Bali if you don’t have it. Also double check your passport for any tears to the pages. Bali can be quite strict when it comes to this so it’s best to check.
  • To travel to Bali you will need to be vaccinated for Covid-19. If you are medically exempt from vaccination you will need to supply a medical certificate
  • For vaccinated travellers, Bali require at least 2 doses (you must have had your final dose at least 14 days before travelling)
  • You need to download your International Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate before you travel.
  • If you have been vaccinated in Australia, go to My Gov website and in the Medicare section you will find your most recent certificate. This article gives an explanation on how to do it. When you do this it will ask you to link your passport. This is handy so you can save time at the airport. If you are having troubles with My Gov you can call/or visit to obtain a copy. If you have been vaccinated overseas check this link out for details
  • Children under 18 years, as demonstrated on their passport, are counted as fully vaccinated to travel from Australia. In the official document it says that on arrival to Bali children aged 6-17 years will be given a vaccination if they are not fully vaccinated. I have been monitoring social media to see if this actually happens and I have seen no evidence that they are vaccinating kids on arrival
  • Organise travel insurance that covers for at least USD$25,000 Covid medical expenses. Check out my post on the best travel insurance for Bali as there are quite a few companies now providing unlimited Covid medical costs. We are using Covermore for our trip in June. There are other aspects to the insurance policies that you need to consider for example will they pay for your quarantine in a hotel if you test positive to Covid-19 but don’t need to go to hospital
  • Indonesia also has Jaga Wisata travel insurance available to purchase for IDR500,000 per person for Covid coverage. It must be purchased at least 24 hrs prior to arrival. This could be an option to make sure all aspects of Covid are covered for you and use your regular travel insurance for the normal medical coverage they provide. Find more about this option here
  • Ensure that you have an outward flight booked from Bali and evidence to show the flight. This is a requirement to enter Bali
  • Download the PeduliLindungi App. It is best to do this before you fly to Bali. You can then register with an email address. If you can’t get it to work don’t worry, they will help you at Bali airport. Having it downloaded is the most important thing
  • Download WhatsApp, it is a requirement to be reachable by WA in Bali. It is also helpful when in Bali as a lot of drivers and nannies use WA
  • Download the Australia DPD App. You will need this before you fly home from Bali. Also try to do it before you reach the Bali airport before you fly home. The wifi at the airport is not reliable and it can take forever for it to load
  • Fill out the online customs declaration
  • Have your pre departure PCR test within 48 hours of your departure flight time to Bali. Histopath at Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane airports are good options. The tests currently cost $79 per person and it is best to arrive at least 4 hours before your flight departure time. For other states Sonic is an option but they are not cheap at $145 a test!
  • Bali accepts a certificate of recovery within the past 30 days only as a substitute for a pre-departure PCR test.
  • When you check in at the airport you will need to show your results of your PCR. Jetstar has some good information on what the results should list and also what to do if you fee unwell or are a close contact the week leading up to your flight. They will also check your International Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate. Remember you will need to wear masks at the airport
  • I recommend to print the following documents prior to flying to Bali: 1. Your PCR test results 2. Your vaccination certificate 3. Your travel insurance 4. Your return flight details

On Arrival To Bali

  • On arriving to Bali the ground staff will help with the PeduliLindungi App if required
  • You will then have a temperature check. If it is under 37.5 celsius you will continue on but if it is above you will be checked by a health quarantine officer and have to do a PCR test. This cost will be paid for by the traveller and is around $27AUD
  • Scan the QRcode from the PeduliLindungi App
  • Show your PCR test result and vaccination document
  • Next is immigration where you pay for VOA and show evidences of an outward flight from Bali booked
  • Visa on arrival is granted for 43 countries and Australia is on the list. For the full list you will find it here. It costs IDR 500,000 per person (approx. $50AUD) for all passengers including children
  • This allows you a single entry into Bali and you can stay up to 30 days. It can be extended once for 30 days at Immigration (there may be a charge for this)
  • Payment can be done by Visa, Mastercard, debit card or cash in IDR or foreign currency
  • At customs after you have collected your luggage, you show your e-CD QR code
  • You then present to the hotel and transportation point and show your CheckPoint QR code paper. Finally you pass the exit control desk and show your CheckPoint QR code paper.
  • If PCR positive check this page out for details. If you have no or minimal symptoms you are required to undergo isolation at a dedicated hotel covered by insurance or own cost until you can produce a negative PCR result (I need to check this detail for accuracy). On the Welcome Back to Bali this is the file they have that list the hotels that have isolation wings
  • If you have underlying health conditions or are elderly you may be taken to hospital
  • If on day 5 you are negative you can continue your holiday
  • If test is negative you are free to explore Bali after the first night spent at the CHSE-certified accommodation, if positive as above
  • Remember masks are required for everyone in Bali when in public, even in cars

Returning home from Bali

  • You will need to complete the Digital Passenger Declaration before flying back to Australia. This can be submitted 72 hours before you flight to Australia. You can begin it 7 days before your flight. You can do this through the Australia DPD app. This needs to be done for all children and adults in your travelling group. Reminder to fill it in before you get to Bali airport for you flight home

Run down of costs to enter Bali

I have done a costing for all the current requirements for our family of four to currently holiday in Bali including PCR test and Visa on Arrival. This does not take into account if you test positive and require extra PCRs.

  • Pre departure PCR AUD$316 with Histopath at the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane airports
  • Visa on arrival AUD$200
  • Approx. total for a family of 4 = AUD$516

As you can see there is some requirements to enter Bali as a tourist currently but it is getting easier and easier! I would love to hear if you have or are planning a Bali holiday so join our Facebook Group and share your story.

Kate xx

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    • Matheus
    • March 25, 2022

    Hi Kate!
    Thanks for this post. I’m from Rio de Janeiro and I’m going to Bali with my family in early May.
    I have a 1 year old daughter and I was worried about her arrival, because here in Brazil I was told that because she didn’t have a vaccine I would have to quarantine for 7 days.
    We are fully vaccinated but she is not old enough to vaccinate. Reading her post I was relieved to know that the quarantine will not be necessary right?

    • Vita
    • March 31, 2022

    Hi Kate, thanks so much for the tips, certainly not an easy thing to travel these days 🙂
    A helpful update: for pre departure PCR in Sydney you can now do supervised RAT test at Chemist Warehouse, on average $10 for test (you must purchase theirs) and $10 for supervision – so $20 per person instead of Histopath’s $79, which makes a difference for a family of four!
    The pharmacist will print out the Certificate for you. We have just travelled to Hawaii with 2 kids, and all went well with these Certificates 🙂
    Our next trip is to Bali in June, fingers crossed!

    • James
    • May 2, 2022

    I was just registering the PeduliLindungi App. e-HAC says international travellers no longer need to complete as of 5th April 2022. You only need to complete your user profile in the PeduliLindungi App….. One less thing to do.

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