Ultimate Guide to Bali With Kids

Bali With Kids

We love sharing all that we love about travelling on our Bali with kids blog and here we have put together a guide to make your Bali kids holiday the best they can be. We all know how hard we work to save for a trip away with our family, so we want to make sure that our plans are great value for money and the best place to stay in Bali with toddlers and kids. Bali to us means enjoying family time together that is full of affordable things to do. Our Bali family holidays are full of fun and adventure with us parents able to enjoy time together on nights out while the kids are well looked after by our trusted Bali nanny’s.

Rolling Along With Kids
Our family enjoying the sunset on Seminyak Beach

If you have never travelled to Bali before then you may be thinking why would I ever want to go? Please take what you think you know about Bali for families and disregard all of it! Travelling to Bali with children will leave you wanting to book your next one before you leave and before you know it you will be researching Bali family holiday packages for your next family holiday! This Bali holiday guide is written from an Australians perspective as we are from Australia. We hope this guide helps you plan your ultimate Bali family holidays with your kids and makes your holiday in Bali the best it can be!

Table of Contents


Flights to Bali

Flying to Bali is easy from Australia with most capital cities having direct daily flights. If you are coming from New Zealand it will be a stop in Australia before landing in Bali and elsewhere in the world might need to fly through the Asian capitals for a flight to Bali. We always use Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights and is a great way to compare deals. We have travelled with Jetstar from Melbourne for all our trips except for one with Virgin and we have had a good experience each time. The Dreamliner planes that fly from Melbourne are great to travel on and even though if I could afford it each time I would choose to fly with Garuda as they get amazing reviews and are a full service airline.

Jestar Plane
Jetstar Dreamliner waiting to fly to Bali from Melbourne

Vaccinations for Bali

With regards to Bali vaccinations you need to visit your doctor well before you go to ask about any vaccinations they may recommend and discuss any other health issues. They may recommend Typhoid and Hep A injections for Bali, on top of the usual childhood vaccinations. Ask for a letter describing any medical condition and/or medications anyone in your family requires. This can come in handy when taking medications into Bali and on the plane. Ensure that prescription medication is clearly labelled, kept in the original packaging and take it in your hand luggage in case your luggage is lost.

Packing for Bali

Knowing what to pack when travelling to Bali with kids, especially when traveling for the first time there with kids, is hard! We completely over packed the first time and after 4 trips with the kids we are getting better! If you are after help check out this link to our Bali packing list for help on what to pack. Some essentials that we always pack with the kids are swim nappies, night nappies, any specific formula, sunscreen and if they are extra fussy eaters, food satchels that they love!

Packing List
Packing for Bali

Best Travel Insurance Bali

As soon as you book any part of your Bali holiday you need to get your family travel insurance. If you can’t afford it you can’t afford to travel so please make sure you purchase it. We have previously used Travel Insurance Direct who were easily to deal with but we haven’t ever needed to claim. Covermore is another company that comes recommended and seems to have good coverage for incidences like volcanoes erupting that delay or cancel flights. I would verify each time I bought a policy if a new volcano incident would to happen what do they cover.

Weather in Bali

Balinese weather is tropical and usually quite warm and sunny. It can get incredibly humid at times especially in the wet season that runs from about November to April. Here you are more likely to find rain but it usually comes then goes with the sun quickly drying everything out. May till October is considered the dry season but we have still experienced rain and storms on our trips in June! We love to travel to Bali in May/June and September/October, as the weather tends to be more consistent and not as humid. Also around these months, it tends to be mid-season so prices can be better than the peak times of Christmas or July/August. The sun tends to rise around 6:15 a.m. with the sun setting around 6:00 pm. This is consistent through the year as Bali is so close to the equator. Around the inland mountains the temperature drops a bit and the nights can be chilly.

Another gorgeous sunset at La Lucciola Seminyak

Tips before flying to Bali

Once you have booked everything be sure to register your travel plans with your government travel site like Smart Traveller in Australia. Advise family and friends of your flight and Bali accommodation details in case of emergency. Take photo copies of your passports, travel insurance and itinerary just in case you lose anything, it can also be handy to have these on file in an email so you can access it anywhere. Take adequate money and back up credit cards. Also tell your bank that you are travelling so your credit cards aren’t suddenly stopped. Ensure your passports have 6 months validity from the day you intend to leave Bali.

Travelling with an allergy to Bali

If your child has any food allergies ensure you have more than one Epi pen, if they need them, and pack any other allergy medication. Take with you a translation that explains your child’s food allergy that you can show at restaurants. Ensure this not only clearly states what your child is allergic to but also explains that all cooking utensils and even cooking oil, which has traces of the allergen, must not be used to prepare your child’s meal.

Arriving at Bali airport

Bali airport is great to fly to and from these days as the International terminal is only a couple of years old. Much better than the good old shed that we first flew in to! Most flights disembark onto an air bridge but occasionally a bus may be needed to and from the plane. With kids, we would recommend heading straight to the toilets, which are not far from where you disembark from the plane, as occasionally the immigration lines can be long.

Bali Airport
Landing in Bali Airport. Walking from the plane to Immigration

Australians are now exempt from the 30 day Bali visa on arrival fee as are a lot of countries like USA, New Zealand and United Kingdom are also on the list. Immigration is pretty straight forward and then you head through to collect your bags. Feel free to use the free luggage trolleys around the carousels which are extra handy with kids. The luggage can take a long time to come out so that’s why I make sure we have water still with us from the plane and snacks for the kids as the wait can be fun! After you collect your bags you head through the customs area where you hand in your custom declaration card. You only need to fill out one per family, not for each person. You may be directed to x-ray your entire luggage, this can be a pain, but you also may be directed to walk out. You will then come to the exchange counters and the huge crowd of waiting drivers.

Immigration at Bali Airport

Taking Food to Bali

You can take as much food into Bali as you need for your holiday, we have been known to take weetbix, vegemite and the snacks the kids love from home. You just simply declare this on your customs card and they often just wave you through not actually checking it. A bottle of your favourite wine or champagne can also be handy as wine can be expensive in Bali.

Bali supermarket list including:

  • Bintang Supermarket Seminyak
  • Carrefour Bali Sunset Road
  • Canggu Station
  • Hardys Sanur
  • Bintang Supermarket Ubud
  • Haryds Nusa Dua

Also smaller convenience stores having most things you may need and are very common in the tourist areas. Bali has both fresh and UHT milk with our preference being Greenfields milk, the kids can’t tell the difference. This will be found in smaller convenience stores too.

Milk available at a 7 eleven close to Holiday Inn Baruna

Bali Transport

When you first arrive in Bali it may be a good idea to have transport through your hotel organised as it can be daunting finding a taxi yourself when you arrive. We always use a private driver which we organise from Australia to come and pick us up. If you cannot locate your name on a sign when you first arrive, keep walking around through the duty free area and approach the person at the desk in the middle of the area. Have your drivers name available, I find a screenshot of his details the best as you may not have Wi-Fi from the airport at this point, and she will read out your drivers name over the loud speaker. At this point, there will be many people around and you just politely say no to any offers of assistance of driving you. You can find our post on Bali driver recommendations here.

Car seat Bali
Car seat provided by Wayan Yasa

Hiring a Bali Nanny

We love hiring a Nanny each time we go to Bali to help with the kids. The nannies that help us have become our good friends and they can either help by doing the day-to-day stuff like preparing lunch, bathing the kids and putting them to sleep while you relax or are useful if you want an adult’s night out. We highly recommend our nannies that we trust and you can find our post here with all the details. If you are after a Bali Nanny Service, then Balis Best Babysitting comes recommended from other families.

Bali Nannies
Charlotte and Berta swimming at the Semara Seminyak in 2013

Hire places for baby gear in Bali

When travelling to Bali with a baby you feel like you have a million and one things to pack. If you are not wanting to bring big items with you like strollers and porta cots, check out Bali Baby Hire for items that you can hire and have delivered directly to your hotel or villa. They come highly recommended. I personally like to take my own stuff but if you want your hands free without carting too much with you from hotel to hotel, hiring may be for you.

Is Bali Safe?

I often think to myself is it safe to travel to Bali with kids? We have travelled to Bali 4 times now with the kids and we have never felt unsafe. We take the usual precautions of safety in a bigger city and make sure we keep our valuables safe at all times. With regards to terrorism I think its safe to say we never know when or where it will hit. Please keep up to date with the travel warnings and you in the end need to make the decision for you and your family, is it safe to go to Bali? We as a family won’t let terrorists stop us from travelling.

Bali Budget

You can spend such a wide range of money per day in Bali with kids. Once you have your flights, accommodation and travel insurance paid for you can travel very cheaply with markets providing meals for only a few dollars. We tend to travel visiting more café and restaurants where for 2 kids and 2 adults we might spend $50 for meals and drinks. There are also many high-end restaurants where prices can start to become higher but still represent better value for money than dining out in Australia. We find we spend for 2 kids and 2 adults, when breakfast is included at the hotel, $150-$200 AUD per day. This includes lunch, dinner, shopping, massages, activities and transport.

Laundries in Bali

Local laundries are extremely cheap and will be cheaper than your hotel laundry service. You can find these outside your hotel, just look for laundry signs which will show you where to go. Prices are either by the piece or by the kilo and you usually drop your clothes off one day and collect them the next. I always take a couple of large bags that act as our laundry bags and will get it done every 4 days.

Laundry Prices Bali

Laundry Price List near the Courtyard Seminyak Resort

Money in Bali

The Bali currency is Rupiah and can take a bit to work out all the zeros. We usually write out approximate exchanges for our currency for notes like 100,000rp and 10,000rp. We usually exchange some money at the money changers just after customs and immigration so we have cash to buy water or pay our driver for the transfer. The exchange rate at the airport is slightly lower than you will find on the streets of Bali but works out to be not that much when you are only changing $50. Don’t exchange any money before you arrive in Bali as the exchange rate in Bali is much better. Only use a proper authorised Bali money changer like a BMC money changer and stay away from the small operators in the back of local shops and in lane ways. They can seem to have a slightly better exchange rate but can end up costing you more in the end.

Travel to Bali with special needs kids

Traveling to Bali with kids that need wheelchairs or are on the Autism Spectrum is hard but definitely still possible and something that is dear to our heart as our son is autistic. We worked together with other Mum’s of special needs kids to write a blog post on tips and tricks for flying to Bali and getting around. You can find the post here.

Autism Bali
Taking selfies with Mason, who has autism, at Seminyak Beach 2016

Mosquito prevention in Bali

Dengue fever Bali is a problem so ensure you have plenty of personal insect repellent and keep this applied all the time as mosquitoes in Bali can be in a lot of places. We use either Aeroguard family protection or OFF family from Australia but you can also buy repellent in Bali. Most resorts or villas will have mosquito coils and spray for your room which we use before we go out for dinner. This fact sheet from the Royal Children’s Hospital in Victoria, Australia is a handy reference guide. When I have researched about what spray to use I found that insect repellents containing DEET have been tested and approved as safe for kids, but you should take some precautions with them. The general recommendations seem to be to choose a repellent with no more than 10% to 30% concentration of DEET and should not be applied to babies under 2 months. It may also be worth chatting to your doctor about this. There is also a range of bracelet and stickers for the kids pillow/prams that people say are good, we haven’t ever used them as we are usually fine with the spray.

Health information in Bali

As a parent, you never rest when it comes to your kid’s health and we always carry a list of relevant hospitals details in case we ever need to go quickly. We are lucky and after so many trips haven’t needed medical care but it’s great to know that highly regarded hospitals are available. Also do not drink tap water and we find putting a hand towel over the taps, helps remind us all. We always have water bottles in the bathrooms for brushing teeth. A tablet of Milton’s in a full bath is great for putting in before the kids jump in, just make sure it’s been in for 15 minutes before they get in. Bali belly treatment consists of keeping fluids up and gastrolyte icy poles that you bring from home can be good. If the vomiting or diarrhoea gets really bad make sure you see a doctor at clinic or a hospital.

We always take Travel Bug Ethical Nutrients before and during our trip, or any probriotic and buy bottles of yakult, which are so cheap in Bali, to take each day. Often upset tummies in Bali can be from the change in diet and from drinking juices, different food and other drinks over your holiday. This fact sheet on Bali belly from the BIMC hospital has some great information.

travel bug
Travel Bug that we use. We buy it from the chemist before we go.

Hospitals in Bali

If you need medical treatment in Bali there are a few options available. This fact sheet from the Australian Government is something we print off and keep with us during the holiday in case we need to reference it in an emergency. You can find this info sheet here. Included in the list are BIMC Bali, one located in Kuta and the other Nusa Dua, and International SOS which are the preference for foreigners.

Bali Dentist

There are many places to see a dentist in Bali and if you need emergency treatment check out 911 Dentist Bali Clinic.


Dining out in Bali with kids is so easy to do. The Balinese are very welcoming and have been known to play with our kids while we have our meals. There are just way to many family friendly restaurants Bali wide to list them all here. So here are the restaurants in Bali that we have taken our kids to and just remember that most restaurants in Bali will deliver too which is great after a big day in the pool!

  • Envy Restaurant Holiday Inn Baruna
  • Ku De Ta Seminyak
  • Potato Head Beach Club Seminyak
  • Biku  Seminyak
  • Taco Casa Seminyak
  • Olds Man’s Canggu
  • Motel Mexicola Seminyak
  • Sea Circus Seminyak
  • Pison Cafe Seminyak
  • Cafe Wayan Ubud
  • Aravina Restaurant & Cellar Door at BEC Canggu
  • Tsavo Lion Restaurant at Mara River Lodge
  • Mona Lisa Sanur
  • La Playa Sanur
  • The Porch Cafe Sanur
  • Bumbu Bali in Tanjung Benoa
  • Echo Beach Canggu
  • Grocer and Grind Sanur
  • La Lucciola Seminyak
  • Watercress Batu Belig
  • Milk and Madu
  • Sprout Canggu
  • The Joglo Canggu
Bumbu Bali
Delicious Indonesian Rijsttafel at Bumbu Bali Benoa


Family accommodation Bali – Bali Family Resorts Vs Villas

We always have the dilemma when we book Bali holidays with kids, what type of Bali family accommodation should we stay in? Is a villa or a resort with lots of kid’s activities going to suit? We are tending to find as the kids get older that resorts with facilities suit us more. It keeps them entertained with kids to meet and kids clubs Bali all have lots to offer. Sites like Scoopon often have great Bali accommodation for families deals so check out their prices here.

Holiday Inn Benoa
The kids loving the slide at Holiday Inn Benoa

Traveling to Bali with toddlers or babies, villas are perfect for when they need day sleeps or to go to bed earlier at night. You also value having space when they are younger as no one wants to wake a sleeping baby! The one thing that families often worry about is keeping their kids safe around the pool so check out this post on Bali Pool Fence Hire that explains how to organise this essential part of your holiday if there is no permanent fence. There are great villas that are very toddler friendly so have a look at the posts we have done on family villas Bali with this one on 2 bedroom Seminyak villas.

Villa Kawan
Pool at Villa Kawan, Sanur with a temporary pool fence

Here I list the different areas of Bali and where the best areas in Bali to stay depending on what you like to get from your holiday.


Kuta is known as being busy, congested and overwhelming at times making it not a great choice for everyone. But if you are after shops, western style malls and facilities for kids at a cheap price then Kuta can be a great option. The beach is fun for learning to surf and having a swim but please don’t be complacent as the currents can be very strong. During the wet season, there may be more rubbish than usual making it not very nice to swim in. Sitting on Kuta beach having a drink while the kids have a play in the sand and the beach sellers try to sell you stuff is something to experience. There are so many beach bars to choose from and watching the sun set is so relaxing while you chat to the locals.

Beachwalk Mall
Beachwalk Mall in Kuta

There is a huge range of food and restaurants with Poppies Lane 1 and surrounds a well-known area for cheap eats. The warungs and small family restaurants offer cheap and tasty food, while you will also find the usual western fast food chains like McDonalds. At night Kuta comes alive with even more people and noise. The nightclubs are mainly situated on Jalan Legian, near the crossroad of The Bombing Memorial and Poppies Lane 2, so accommodation right near that area might be best avoided with kids.

There are fantastic hotel accommodation options with kids in Kuta and also closer to the airport in the area known as Tuban. Here are a few Kuta family resorts that we recommend:

Holiday Inn Baruna

Holiday Inn Baruna
Main pool at Holiday Inn Baruna, a great kids resort Bali

We loved our stay at Holiday Inn Resort Baruna. I’m not usually a Kuta fan but really enjoyed the beautiful gardens and pool area. The rooms, although not ultra new, were comfortable and the kids especially loved the themed rooms of the kids suites. We couldn’t keep the kids away from the kids club and the Tea Tree Spa gave us the best Balinese massage of our trip. Check out our review of our stay here.

To check out prices and more info for Holiday Inn Baruna click here.

Bali Dynasty Resort Bali

Dynasty Kids Pool
The kids pool area at the Dynasty Resort

If you are after a fun hotel with lots of things to do the Dynasty Resort Bali is for your family. A huge range of activities for the kids to do, the school aged kids will especially have a blast. I was a bit surprised to see it wasn’t directly on the beach front when I walked through last trip and the pool area did seem quite busy so if you are after a more relaxing time perhaps look elsewhere.

Click here for the latest prices and more info

Bali Hard Rock Hotel

Roxity Kids Club
The amazing space at Roxity Kids Club Hard Rock Bali

The Hard Rock Bali Hotel is known to be a kids paradise. The fun pools, cafe and kids club make this to be one of the best hotels in central Kuta. If you don’t want to be in the middle of the action the Hard Rock is not for you, but if lots of things to do with the kids then you have found your spot.

Click here for these Hard Rock Hotel Bali Deals

Sheraton Kuta Bali

Sheraton Kuta Bali Resort
View from Sheraton Kuta Bali resort over Kuta beach

Sheraton is in a fantastic position linked to the Beachwalk Mall in Kuta. The facilities are great for a relaxing stay for Mum and Dad with the kids being in the centre of everything. They also have an excellent Sunday Brunch so coinciding your stay over a Sunday is a great idea.

Click here for the latest prices and more info

Febris Hotel Bali


Febris Hotel and Spa
Pool at Febris Hotel Kuta (photo courtesy of Febri’s Hotel)

If you are after a cheaper hotel in Kuta that still has great facilities for kids then Febri’s Hotel & Spa is a great choice. The family rooms are great value and the kids playground near the pool is great for the kids.

Click here for the latest prices and more info


Legian continues north from Kuta and is very similar in what it offers but is not as noisy and busy. There is a great range of restaurants in Legian with cheap, local warungs or great mid-priced restaurants on the beachfront or surrounding streets. There is not a huge range of things to see in Legian other than the beach or shopping, but is a great spot for families to relax in their hotel pools, have a massage, eat, drink or hire beach lounges for a small fee. It has a great range of beachfront hotels and resorts with a wide choice of accommodation available for all budgets.

Some of the favourite family hotels Legian are:

The Padma Legian

Kids slides at The Padma Legian

If your budget allows it all families must stay at least once at the all time favourite resort of families travelling to Bali. Children under 7 can’t stay in the Lagoon Access Rooms for safety reasons but there are many other family rooms. Fabulous pools and kids facilities you may never want to leave.

Click here for the latest prices and more info on Padma Bali deals

Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa

Pool at the Mandira
Pool at the Mandira Resort (photo courtesy of Mandira)

Not far from the Padma, The Mandira Resort offers exceptional value for money with great pools with slides and lovely gardens. For a beach front hotel where you are happy for the kids to sleep in the same room, this is the pick.

Click here for the latest prices and more info

Hotel Pullman Bali Legian Nirwana

Pullman Legian
Pullman Legian Pool (photo courtesy of Pullman Legian)

Located closer to Kuta, The Pullman is another resort option in Legian. 1 and 2 bedroom suites are available with interconnecting rooms also available. The kids club gets rave reviews and The Pullman is part of the Accor group so keep an eye out for specials.

Click here for the latest Pullman Bali deals and more info


Seminyak Accommodation

Further north from Legian you will find its more upmarket sister Seminyak. It usually includes the areas known as Petitenget, Kerobokan and Umalas and takes about 30 minutes to drive from the airport. Seminyak has a beautiful stretch of beach where sunsets are spectacular and if you are anything like us you will take a million photos! Seminyak has fabulous restaurants, beach clubs, boutique shopping and excellent spas. You can spend more in Seminyak but even though the top restaurants in Seminyak are expensive by Bali standards, they are still below prices that you would pay in Western countries. As well as the boutique shops with their Western prices, there are also market stalls plus a couple of shopping malls like Seminyak Square. Traffic can be a problem around the peak times of 3-6PM and peak seasons of Christmas/New Year, Easter and August.

There are excellent accommodation options for families with many villas in Seminyak. Below are family friendly resorts Seminyak that tick all the boxes with regards to being kid friendly:

Courtyard Bali Seminyak

Courtyard Marriott
Pools at Courtyard Seminyak Resort

We loved our stay at Courtyard Marriott Seminyak in September 2016 and is a great pick out of the Seminyak family resorts. One of the best Seminyak kids club and the kids pool a hit for relaxing all day long. It’s not right on the beachfront but rooms are great value for money. Check out our review here of our stay.

Click here for the latest prices and more info

The Breezes Seminyak Resort and Spa

Breezes Resort
Main Pool at Breezes Resort Seminyak

Located across the street from The Courtyard Seminyak is the Breezes Resort and Spa. Having a look through, I was impressed with the pools and the kids club and cinema room looked good.

Click here for the latest prices and more info

Montigo Resort Seminyak

Montigo Seminyak Pool
Montigo Pool (photo courtesy of Montigo Seminyak)

Located on the old Semara site next to Potato Head in Jl Petitenget, The Montigo Resort looks to be a great option in this area with a kids club for a reasonable price. With 2 pools now open, check out what this well located resort has to offer.

Click here for the latest prices and more info

The Trans Resort Seminyak

Trans Resort Seminyak
Trans Resort Seminyak Pool (Photo courtesy of Trans Resort)

Located on the Sunset Road, this resort gets rave reviews and the kids club looks extra good. The beach area of the pool looks extra fun with the kids without having  trudge to the beach. Location wise there is alot nearby and crossing the sunset road  is easier at where the resort is located.

Click here for the latest prices and more info

Alila Seminyak

Alila Seminyak
Gorgeous sunset at Alila Seminyak (photo courtesy of Alila Seminyak)

If your budget allows the Alila Seminyak is the ultimate beach front hotel in Seminyak with kids. Beautiful big rooms, great location and kids club to match, this hotel really does have it all!

Click here for the latest prices and more info

Canggu Family Accommodation

Canggu is located north of Seminyak and is spread over a huge area. It can be approx. a 30-minute drive from the airport to the southern parts of Canggu with another 30 minutes to reach the border of Canggu near Pererenan. The beaches aren’t suitable for swimming with rough surf and strong currents but makes it a great spot for confident surfers. In recent years, Canggu has become one of the fast growing areas in Bali due to the large numbers of new hotels, villas and restaurants. Finn’s Club (formerly known as The Canggu Club) is a great spot for a huge range of activities for the kids including Splash waterpark, Bounce trampolines, Strike ten-pin bowling and Cubbyhouse Kids Club. Canggu is also well located for a visit to Tanah Lot with its famous sea temple.

Canggu Bali accommodation is better known for its villas than hotels and a couple of villas that are extra suitable when heading to Canggu with kids are:

Villa Echo Padi

Villa Echo Padi
Villa Echo Padi with pool fence (Photo courtesy of Villa Echo Padi)

Featuring a permanent pool fence and driver, Villa Echo Padi is a great 3 bedroom option with lots of kid friendly aspects.

Click here for the latest prices and more info

Villa Waha

Waha Villa
Villa Waha Pool (photo courtesy Bali Villa Escapes)

This 4 bedroom villa looks amazing! The bedrooms both downstairs and upstairs are interconnected with 4 bunk beds in the ground floor bedroom. The living area is open but there is also a media room with AC if the kids need to chill out and watch a movie from the Bali heat.

Click here for the latest prices and more info

Sanur Family Accommodation

Sanur is one of our favourite spots in Bali to stay with the kids. It is relaxed and the beach path is fantastic to walk along with the stroller or ride a bike. It is 20-30 minutes to the airport and easy to get to places like Ubud or Bali Safari and Marine Park. Sanur has a great range of restaurants and shopping, with the main supermarket Hardy’s a great place to stock up on all the necessities. Along the paved beach footpath, you will find many local warungs and stalls that will often have sun loungers that you can hire to use while the girls have their hair braided and have a swim. From Sanur you can also catch a boat over to Nusa Lembongan or to other islands.

Sanur family resorts include

The Fairmont Resort Bali

Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali

With regards to luxury and kid friendly facilities, The Fairmont would be the ultimate pick in Sanur. Prices can be high but look out for deals to stay at this fantastic resort.

Click here for the latest prices and more info

The Prama Resort

Prama Sanur
Prama Sanur Pool (Photo courtesy of Prama)

Prices are more reasonable at The Prama and the pool area fun for kids. Love the location and some rooms have been renovated so are good to stay in. Mixed reviews on the kids club.

Click here for the latest prices and more info

The Mercure Resort

Mercure Sanur
Mercure Sanur Pool (Photo courtesy of Mercure Sanur)

For budget friendly beach front option, The Mercure Resort has comfortable accommodation and the kids will have a blast running around the gardens and on the beach.

Click here for the latest prices and more info

Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites

Sanur Paradise Plaze Suites Pool
Sanur Paradise Plaze Suites Pool

Although the Sanur Paradise Suites are not on the beach, the kids facilities look fantastic. The apartments are also great value for money and if you are wanting space are a perfect option.

Click here for the latest prices and more info

Nusa Dua Family Accommodation

Nusa Dua is made up some of the best 4 and 5 star resorts in Bali. Nusa Dua is a great spot if you are looking for a place to relax, recover from a long flight or you want to enjoy the great kid’s facilities that the resorts have to offer. Many Nusa Dua beaches in front of the big resorts are pretty much hawker free making it a great choice if you want to spend time on the beach. The Bali collection is a shopping and restaurant area built within the gated Nusa Dua community to service the resorts. The prices are not particular cheap but is a great option if you don’t want to be hassled.  If you are keen on trying the many local restaurants have a look along the street called JL Pantai Mengiat. Depending on where you are staying you may need a taxi but most restaurants will offer free transfers to your hotel as well. There are also restaurants just outside the main gates of Nusa Dua and it’s only a short drive to Tanjung Benoa with Jimbaran bay is also only a 15 minutes’ drive away.

The best Nusa Dua Family Resorts with kids are

Novotel Nusa Dua Bali

Novotel Nusa Dua
Nusa Dua Novotel pool (photo courtesy of Novotel Nusa Dua)

Although not directly on the beach The Nusa Dua Novotel is the perfect place to relax with the family with great kids facilities and large apartments.

Click here for the latest prices and more info

The Westin Bali

Westin Bali
Westin Nusa Dua Bali Pool (Photo Courtesy of Westin)

Luxury touches make this a great place for both Mum’s and Dad’s with the kids kept happy with great kids club and pools.

Click here for the latest Westin Bali deals and more info

Club Med Nusa Dua

Club Med Bali
Club Med Bali pool (photo courtesy of Club Med Bali)

For the best Bali all inclusive holidays, Club Med Nusa Dua is the ultimate choice. Kids clubs for all ages, Club Med has many activities for all the family.

Click here for the latest prices and more info


Tanjung Benoa Bali Accommadation

Tanjung Benoa is located just north of Nusa Dua but is not in a gated community like Nusa Dua so more local life is evident. It is a quieter area when compared with Kuta and other areas in the south so is great for relaxing and trying out the many water sports on offer like parasailing, jet skis and banana boats. There is fantastic local places to eat and one of our all-time favourites is Bumbu restaurant that also has a cooking school and accommodation. Taman Bhagawan is also worth a look with its restaurant and huge grounds for the kids to run around.

We can highly recommend the following hotels for families

The Grand Mirage Bali

Grand Mirage Bali
The kids waterpark at Grand Mirage Bali, our kids didn’t want to leave!

The Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali has had a makeover in the last few years and the new family wing  is amazing. We stayed at the Grand Mirage Resort Bali in November 2017 and had a fantastic stay. The facilities for kids were great and the kids had an absolute blast. Check out our full review here.

Check out the best prices and more info here

Holiday Inn Bali Benoa

Holiday Inn Benoa Pools
Holiday Inn Benoa Pools

We had a fabulous stay at The Holiday Inn Resort Benoa and the kids absolutely loved the kids club. We loved that they ate for free in the restaurant and the rooms were so spacious. Check out our review from our stay in 2015 here.

Check out prices here for Holiday Inn Benoa

Novotel Benoa

Novotel Bali Benoa
Beach Pool at Novotel Bali Benoa (photo courtesy of Novotel Benoa)

The Novotel Benoa is a good family friendly option. Plenty of pools and the family rooms are of a great size.

Click here for the best prices and more info

Jimbaran Accommodation

Just 15 mins drive from the airport, Jimbaran has a stunning beach and traditional fish markets. The beach is great for kids and safe for swimming, don’t miss the stunning sunset views too! There are seafood warungs on the beach where you can sit with feet in the sand enjoying fresh seafood. Quality can sometimes be varied so getting recommendations first is a good idea. We loved our experience at Cuca Restaurant and Fat Chow is a great option too. There are many spots to enjoy a drink including the Sundara Beach Club and the resorts along the beach will let you have a drink at their beachside bars.

Accommodation generally is at the mid to higher price bracket with the following resorts good choices

Movenpick Resort

Movenpick Hotel Bali
The huge pool at Movenpick Hotel Bali in Jimbaran

New on the Bali resort scene, The Movenpick Resort Jimbaran has fantastic kids facilities and although not right on the beach the huge pool makes up for that. I had a look through in 2017 and was very impressed with the facilities. Review of what I saw soon.

Click here for the latest prices and more info

Intercontinental Resort

Intercontinental Resort
Intercontinental Bali Resort

If your budget allows the Intercontinental Jimbaran is pure luxury. The pools and garden are stunning with the pay for kids club fun for the kids.

Click here for the latest prices and more info

Bukit Peninsula Accommodation

Located in the most southern part of Bali, the Bukit is more rugged and has a drier climate than up north in Ubud. Surfers are attracted to the world class surf breaks along the western side of the Bukit and include areas Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Bingin and Balangan.  The cliffs are steep and there are many steps along the coast which tend to make it not as great with younger kids. There are still some great family options like a day at out Sundays Beach Club where you can enjoy the views and relax by the beach.

There is a high variety of accommodation with villas that are suitable with kids including pool fences to the 5 star resorts like the following

Ayana Resort

Ayana Resort
Ayana Resort (photo courtesy of Ayana Resort)

Located on the beautiful clifftops of the Bukit Peninsula, The Ayana is full of stunning views, pool and the famous Rock Bar. Price tag to match but everyone deserves to splash out every now and then!

Click here for the latest prices and more info

Rimba Resort

Rimba Resort
Rimba Resort (Photo courtesy of Rimba Resort)

Sister resort to The Ayana Resort is The Rimba Resort with great kids activities and stunning views. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to The Ayana then The Rimba is a great option.

Click her for the latest prices and more info

Ubud Family Accommodation

Ubud is one of the best regions to experience Balinese Hindu culture and arts with kids. Gorgeous views of rice terraces and farmers tending to their land are some of the highlights of surrounding area of the main town of Ubud. Monkey Forest Road, the most well-known street in Ubud, has the Monkey Forest situated at the southern end. If you want to see the monkeys make sure you remove anything they can steal like glasses or hats and visit towards the end of the day when they are more subdued. The central area operates a one-way road system, which can make it a huge traffic jam especially with the many day-trippers and tour buses. Camphuan ridge walk is a great walk to do with the kids, just be sure to try it out early in the day. Ubud doesn’t have metered taxis like the south but rather Ubud taxis operate on a fixed price system. Having a private driver in Ubud is usually the best way to get around. There are many types of accommodation available in and around Ubud.

Many are not extra focused on kid’s activities or have kids clubs but one option is The Padma Ubud, which is out of Ubud.

Padma Resort Ubud Bali

Padma Ubud Bali
The beautiful view from breakfast at the Padma Ubud Bali

We had the most amazing stay at the Padma Resort Ubud. The facilities were fantastic and the resort has everything you could need from a family friendly resort. A 30 minute drive north from Ubud, once you drive through the gates you are meet with amazing service and we highly recommend a stay here. You can check out our full review here.

Click here for the latest prices and more info

Bisma Cottages Ubud

Bisma Cottages Ubud
The gorgeous pool at Bisma Cottages Ubud

A lovely small hotel in Central Ubud, the cottages are perfect for smaller families or families with older children. There are 2 room types that can suit and the pool was perfect for a cool off when we visited to have a look around. The smaller kids section was perfect with a great sized deeper pool for the adults and older kids.

Check out their website for the best prices


Lovina is a fishing Village located in northern Bali and is around a 3- 3½ hr drive from the airport. Lovina beach is known for its volcanic black sand beach and good snorkelling with lots of local activities along the beach. Lovina is known for its dolphin watching with the boats leaving before sunrise. Also close to the area is Banjar Hot Springs and other day trips can be arranged by most hotels to Munduk, Pemuteran, Menjangan Island for snorkelling or Singaraja.

Lovina isn’t developed like the southern areas so there is a range of smaller local hotels with a couple of different accommodation options

The Lovina Bali Resort

Lovina Beach Resort
Lovina Beach Resort (photo courtesy of Lovina Beach Resort)

This beach front resort in Lovina has great accommodation with families well catered for.

Click here for the latest prices and more info


North East Coast

If you are trying to find a place in Bali that has great snorkelling and is laid back then the villages of Candidasa and Amed would suit you. Spread along the coast these villages have great restaurants and market shopping from locals that love to see a tourist.


Rest of Bali

There are many more amazing parts of Bali that are worth visiting. These tend to be worth venturing to once you have been to Bali a few times and understand how to get around and local customs. Rest assured you will never run out of amazing parts of Bali to escape to. The scuba diving is fantastic in many parts of Bali but especially in Pemuteran with Menjangan Island high on serious divers lists of sites to dive.


50 Things to do in Bali with kids

Check out our list of what to do in Bali with kids

  1. A Day out at Bali Waterbom Park

If you are after the best kids activities in Bali it has to be Waterbom. We have been to Waterbom Park Bali 5 times and each time the whole family has loved it! There is something for everyone including gazebos that are great for the babies and toddlers to have a nap in. Get there early if you want to get one of the gazebos near the kids area and if you are after Waterbom Bali tickets check out Klook for their great deals.

Waterbom Bali
Fun at Waterbom Bali
  1. Visit Think Pink Nails for a manicure with the girls

A visit to Think Pink Nails Bali located in Batu Belig on the northern part of Seminyak is always my go to place to get my manicure and pedicure done. They have a princess chair for the girls and have an iPad for them to use while they wait for Mum to finish.

Think Pink Nails
Charlotte loving her manicure at Think Pink Nails
  1. Spend the day or stay over at Bali Safari Marine Park

We have been twice to the Safari Park Bali, once as a day trip from Sanur and once staying at Mara River Safari Lodge. The kids loved the Night Safari Bali exploring the grounds after dark and seeing a Tiger jump on top of the cage we were in! Check out Klook for Bali Safari and Marine Tickets and if you are keen to stay at Mara River Lodge find prices here.

Bali Safari and Marine Park
Charlotte ready to explore Bali Safari and Marine Park
  1. Visit Peekaboo Play Centre Sanur

Sometimes the heat just gets too much for the kids and you need a break from it all. We love Peek a boo Bali for a great place for the kids to run around in the AC. There is a playground under shade outside too. After visiting Peekaboo Sanur 6 times over the last 5 years, we highly recommend it.

Peekaboo Playcentre
Mason having a blast at Peekaboo Playcentre Sanur
  1. Have a go at Tanjung Benoa watersport with the kids

Tanjung Benoa Beach has a great range of watersports for the whole family. If you are thinking of what to do in Nusa Dua or Benoa then watersports must be high on your list.

  1. Have fun at Splash Water Park Bali at Finns Recreation Club (Formerly Canggu Club)

We loved our day out with the kids at Splash Waterpark Bali. One of our favourite things to do in Bali with toddlers, Splash is more suited to the younger kids but is still lots of fun for the older kids and adults too. You can check our our full review here that also includes Strike and Bounce.

Splash Waterpark
Splash Waterpark
  1. Go for a horse ride at Bali Equestrian Centre

Another excellent thing to do with kids in Canggu especially if you have horse made kids is to try out Bali horse riding at BEC. They also have a pool, playground and restaurant to use even if you don’t want to ride. Charlotte loved her ride on Popcorn and still talks about it now.

Bali Equestrian Centre
Charlotte riding Popcorn at BEC
  1. Have a massage or get your hair braided

It wouldn’t be a trip to Bali with kids without the girls or even boys wanting to get their hair braided at a Bali spa or on the beach. Is a great way to not have to worry about washing long hair every day but make sure you get them to wear a hat or put sunscreen on their scalp as it can burn very easily! Last trip Charlotte had her hair braided at Spa Bali Seminyak and it took 1.5 hrs to finally complete. There are many places that do it and it is often just best to ask other families where they got them done.

Hair Braiding Bali
Charlotte having her hair braided at Spa Bali
  1. Spend time at the Bali Zoo

For a cheaper alternative to Bali Safari Park, the Bali zoo offers a fun day out for the kids. Lots of animals to see and feed, the Bali Zoo Park while not what you would be used to seeing in an Australian Zoo, appears to treat their animals well. Klook has some great prices here for tickets to the Bali Zoo.

  1. Take a day trip to Nusa Lembongan with kids

A Nusa Lemongan day trip is a great way to experience and see what the island is all about. Bali Hai cruises runs excellent day trips from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan and kids under 4 usually travel for free. Snorkelling is fun for the older kids and the younger kids can head over to the Beach club pool to have a splash around or play on the beach. Klook have great deals and are in AUD so great to buy for us Australians. Check out their prices here.

  1. Spend the day at a Beach Club

There is a huge range of beach clubs in Bali and are all suitable to take the kids along too. They either usually cost to go in or have a minimum spend. Some of the best beach club in Bali are:

  • Finn’s Beach Club in Canggu
  • Sundays Beach Club Bali in Uluwatu
  • Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak
  • Sundara Bali, a Jimbaran Beach Club
  • Komune Beach Club Bali on the East Coast of Bali
  1. Visit Bali Cultural Creation

There are many great activities at Bali Cultural Creation like Balinese Dance, Balinese Gamelan Music, Balinese Painting, Balinese Woodcarving, Balinese Cooking, Batik Making, Offering Making, Photo Sessions, Silver Jewellery Making and many other activities that the kids would love. Located in Denpasar this place would be easy to reach from most tourist places of Bali.

  1. Try out a Bali cooking class

One of my favourite activities is cooking classes in Bali. I really enjoyed my time at Lobong Cooking Class Ubud and Charlotte was welcome to come along too. Bumbu Bali in Tanjung Benoa also runs fantastic classes associated with its restaurant. Bamboo Shoots cooking school in Sanur also comes highly recommended.

Lobong Cooking Class
Lobong Cooking Class
  1. Have fun at Frankenstein’s Laboratory Seminyak

A fun way to spend a night out in Seminyak, this Cabaret show is fun for all the family. Head to the early family session with the kids for a great entertainment show.

  1. Learn to surf

Learning to surf in Bali is a fun way for older kids to spend their days. Along Kuta/Legian beach, there are many surf schools to suit all abilities.

  1. Tour of The Green School

I would love to send our kids to the Green School Ubud! You can have a look through this fantastic eco-friendly with daily tours. In addition, they have a Green Camp next door where you can stay as a family or the kids can go for day camps.

  1. Indulge in High Tea at Biku Bali

We love Biku high tea and twice we have indulged. It has a great menu for the kids as well with their own high tea platter and colouring books to keep them entertained. Biku Seminyak is not just for high tea though, we love it for any time of day including breakfast time. Check out their website and I highly recommend that you book, as it gets very busy.

Childrens High Tea Biku
Children’s high tea at Biku
  1. Check out the butterflies at the Bali Butterfly Park (Taman Kupu Kupu)

The Butterfly Park Bali is located a 1.5hr drive from Seminyak and has a fantastic range of butterflies and insects. The park is a little tired but the kids will not mind especially when they can run free in the large garden. Being such a distance away it would be worth checking out the Hot Springs and seeing Tanah Lot temple on the day trip.

  1. Test your jump at Bounce Bali

Located at Finns Recreation Club, Bounce is a great way for the kids to wear off some energy. Especially a good way to spend a rainy day in Bali but watch out, it does get busy.

Bounce Bali Canggu
Bounce Canggu looks like a lot of fun
  1. Visit a Waterfall

Bali is full of beautiful waterfalls but one that I have found that is especially good when travelling with toddlers in Bali, is Tegenungan Waterfall located between the Safari park and Ubud.

  1. Feed the elephants at Taro Elephant Park

Charlotte and I visited the park in 2012 and even though I do not agree in riding elephants, we had a wander around the park and feed the elephants. The park is well kept and the elephants appear well looked after. North of Ubud you will need a driver to take you there.

Taro Elephant Park
Saying hi to the elephants at Taro Elephant Park
  1. Have family photos taken

When we were in Bali in 2015 wtih our extended family we had Evermotion Photography take family photos at our villa, Bali Boat Shed, Motel Mexicola, La Lucciola and the beach. We love our photos and looking back over them all, the professionalism shown by Adi and Budi was fantastic and they were so fun and patient with all the kids.

Beach Bali
Fun at the beach having photos taken
  1. Pick Strawberries in Bedugul

A great way to spend part of a day trip to Bedugul is to go and pick strawberries. There are many farms that do this in Bedugul and as Eliza from My Awesome Bali Adventure explained in this post, you can do it as well as visiting the Bali Treetop Adventure Park.

  1. Anak Atelier Preschool

Anak Atelier is an international preschool and kindergarten that offers programs at certain times of the day for holidayers to enjoy. Check out their website for the opening times and go and enjoy this fantastic playground in the Bukit Peninsula

  1. Try out a day pass at a fancy resort

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch for the 5 star hotels in Bali or you are wanting to take a look for your next stay, a day pass to these Bali 5 star resorts could be a great option for things for kids to do in Bali. Here are a current list of resorts that do day passes:

  1. Take advantage of a kids club Bali

Best kids club Bali are plentiful and most 5 star hotels offer a really good service. Using a Bali Kids Club is a great way for the kids to have quiet time while Mum and Dad enjoy relaxing by the pool. Younger kids under 3 or 4 years usually need an adult to accompany them and hiring a nanny is a great choice for this.

Holiday Inn Benoa Kids Club
Charlotte having a great time at Holiday Inn Benoa Kids Club
  1. Go for a bike ride with the kids

On our trip to Bali in 2017 we enjoyed a fun day our with Ubud Cycling Bike. We were picked up from our hotel and driven to a school, a coffee plantation , Mt Batur then we went for our Bali cycling tour through the countryside. So much fun and such a great day out with the kids. They had kids bikes, toddler seats and bikes that the kids could be dinked on the back. Highly recommend and the lunch at the end was fantastic.

Bali Bike Tours
We had a fantastic day and highly recommend joining Bali Bike Tours like Ubud Cycling Bike
  1. Visit Pirates Bay Nusa Dua

If you are after a fun day in the sand at Nusa Dua then The Pirates Bay is a fun pirate-themed open-air cafe and restaurant. Primary school kids could easily explore the treehouses and pirate ships with younger kids needing more assistance. The kids would have a great day here and the onsite restaurant provides food making it a fun place to go when travelling to Bali with kids.

  1. Have a play and lunch at The Joglo Canggu

The Joglo is located in Canggu and is a fabulous spot with a restaurant, playground, Pilates and markets. Plenty of space for the kids to run around and have fun while you enjoy your food.

The Joglo Canggu
The Joglo Canggu is great with the kids
  1. Let the kids have a play at Cheeky Monkeys Daycare

Check out Cheeky Monkeys for daycare in 2 separate locations Sanur and the Sofitel Resort Nusa Dua. Bookings are required at Sanur.

  1. Watch a movie at Beachwalk Mall

If you are keen to catch a movie while in Bali, there are now cinemas at The Beachwalk Mall that have comfortable surroundings. The 2 dads on our last trip found it to be great value for money. Check out their site for times and prices here.

  1. Enjoy time at The Garden Early Learning Bali

We love our visits with Charlotte to the Garden Early Learning Centre in Canggu. They have a kids club that you can access for a few hours and the Sprout Café next door has yummy food and great WIFI if Mum and Dad need a chill out while the kids explore.

Gardens Kids Club
Charlotte enjoying her time at Gardens Kids Club Canggu
  1. Visit Bali Bird Park

If you are trying to decide what to do in Bali with kids, then this is something that would suit all ages. Not only has a bird park, the entrance fee let you access the reptile park next door. This looks like a top Bali attractions for kids and parents with the prices for you to check out here.

  1. Visit Pondok Pekak Learning Centre Ubud

Pondok Pekak is a great place that promotes cultural awareness and is located on Jl Monkey Forest, Ubud. There are many classes for kids including dance, traditional music, children’s gamelan, fruit carving, playing educational games or puzzles and many other activities.

  1. Visit a temple

Bali has so many temples and visiting one is a great way to show the kids about Bali Culture. A few that you could visit, depending upon where you are staying, are Tanah Lot, Besakih Temple and Tirta Empul. Please respect the temples with your dress and behaviour, as these are sacred places for the Balinese.

  1. Try out your skills at Bali Treetop Adventure Park

If the kids are after adventure then head on a day trip to the Bali Treetrops to experience a fantastic high ropes course for all levels. This day trip is usually best done from Ubud but can be attempted from Kuta; it will just be a huge day!

  1. Indulge in a Sunday Brunch

We love indulging in delicious food in Bali and Sunday Brunch is a great way to experience the 5 star resorts. We loved our brunch at Prego at the Westin Resort Nusa Dua and  Starfish Bloo at W Resort and Spa Seminyak. Others that come recommended are Boneka Sunday Bruch at St Regis Nusa Dua, Sheraton Sunday Market Brunch Kuta, Sundara Jimbaran, Soleil at The Mulia Nusa Dua and The Fairmont Resort Sanur.

W Resort Brunch
The kids activity area at W Resort Starfish Bloo Sunday Brunch
  1. Visit the Lego shop at the Beachwalk

So I perhaps shouldn’t have mentioned to our Lego addicted 5 year old that there was a Lego store at Beachwalk Mall Kuta! She absolutely loved it and it had a great range of Lego. The prices are the same if not a tiny bit more than Australia but if you are like us and don’t normally have access to a close Lego store, go have a look.

Lego Shop
Charlotte loving the Lego Shop at Beachwalk Mall
  1. See the monkeys at the Monkey Forest Bali Ubud

Most people have heard of the many monkeys in Bali and the easiest way to see them is a visit to the Ubud Monkey Forest. There is a nominal fee of $1-$2 that allows you to enter the Sacred Monkey forest but you will also see many on the street or near the car park. The best time to visit is later in the afternoon as the monkeys are less likely to be as crazy as in the morning. A great fun activity to do in Ubud for kids but be sure to take off any lose items like sunglasses, hats etc. as they are likely to end up in a tree with a monkey. I don’t recommend going if you think your kids will be scared of the monkey’s as they can be a bit daunting jumping around.

Monkey Forest
Charlotte seeing ‘interesting’ sights at the Monkey Forest
  1. Take time to find the best Ice Cream in Bali

Bali is hot and ice cream is always high on the kids list of things to eat, especially as we are on holidays. Now I’m sure the kids couldn’t care half the time as long as its ice cream but for Mum’s and Dad’s try to point them in the direction of Paletas Wey and Gusto Gelateria (located in Jl Mertanadi Northern Seminyak), Massimo in Sanur, Lello Lello in Seminyak, Wala Gelato at Le Meredien Resort Jimbaran and Gaya Gelato in Ubud.

  1. Visit the Ubud Royal Palace

If you are after things to do in Ubud with kids, a visit to Ubud Royal Palace with its beautiful gardens and architecture, is a must. The front section of the palace is open daily to the public and nighttime dance performances with gamelan orchestras and Balinese dance perform each night.

  1. Test your arm at Strike Bowling Bali

Part of Finns Recreation Club (formerly The Canggu Club) is ten pin bowling at Strike Bowling Bali. We had a great time during our recent visit and highly recommend a visit. An excellent activity for any rainy Bali days.

Strike Bowling in Bali
Charlotte loved bowling at Strike
  1. Visit a Bali village

One of our favourite parts of all of our trips to Bali is when we went with our nanny Berta to a village in Sideman for a day trip. We handed out supplies that we had purchased from Hardy’s Supermarket in Sanur the day before and gave them things like books, pens, noodles and toys. The smiles and laughter was so great to hear and the afternoon tea that we were invited too in a local villager’s house was something I will always remember. For ideas on different villages to visit near Ubud to discover Balinese traditions and stories check out Discover with Zainab’s blog post.

Sideman Visit
Visiting the Sideman Village with Charlotte and the Bali kids loving her hair
  1. Go to a Balinese dance show

Bali holidays with kids include wanting to expose them to the beautiful Bali culture but knowing that at times the traffic can be so bad, that it takes away from wanting to explore too far in the island. A great compromise is to watch The Devdan Show Nusa Dua and it comes highly recommended. Check out prices here to book.

  1. Go for a walk

One of my favourite activities with kids in Bali is to go for a walk. Completely free and the sights you will see are fabulous. If you have early rising kids then Bali is the place for you, as the sunrises is a great time of day to walk before the heat gets too much.

Bali Walks
Early morning walks with Mason
  1. Get involved with Turtle Release Bali

Bali Sea Turtle Society is a non-for profit society for the protection of sea turtles in Bali. They have regular baby turtle releasing that your family can be a part of. It is on the beach near the Hard Rock Hotel Kuta and is a donation only to participate. Can’t wait to try this with the kids.

  1. White Water Rafting Bali

For the older kids Bali white water rafting is a must. There are many great companies that will pick you up from your hotel in the tourist areas and take you white water rafting in Bali. Check out the prices here on Klook for great deals on white water rafting.

  1. Go shopping

Not all kids will want to go shopping but once you mention footy team apparel, fairy dresses and much more they often perk up a bit more! I’m not a huge fan of bartering, give me a fixed priced store any day, but the markets are full of kid’s clothes. The Malls also have a huge range of kid’s clothes and our favourite girl’s clothes shop is Coco and Ginger on Batu Belig in Northern Seminyak. I’m usually best to leave my credit card at home though as I so can’t resist their gorgeous Bali made threads.

Coco and Ginger
The gorgeous range of Coco and Ginger in Bali
  1. Spend the day at Jungle Fish Ubud

The pool at Jungle Fish is spectacular and overlooks the gorgeous river valley below. A 10-minute drive north of Ubud, Jungle Fish is a great place for relaxing, eating and swimming. There are quite a few steps to get to and from the day resort so not best for people with mobility issues.

Jungle Fish Ubud
Gorgeous Pool at Jungle Fish Ubud
  1. Visit the Islands beyond Bali

There is so much more to explore not just Bali! So when you have run out of things to do in Bali for kids, check out Lombok, Nusa Lembongan and the Gili’s Islands as they all have great accommodation for kids but a more relaxed lifestyle.


We hope this Bali kids guide gives you confidence to plan your ultimate holiday with kids in Bali. We also love these tips on the best things to do in Bali and we would love if you have any more suggestions to comment below so that we can add them to this guide to help even more families that are travelling to Bali with kids.

Kate xx


Disclaimer: This guide uses affiliate links that help to support our blog and to help us keep giving awesome info on travel to Bali with kids. If you book through these links, we will receive a small commission but at no extra cost to you. Thanks so much for helping to support all that we do.

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