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Waterbom Bali

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We love to share experiences from other families that have travelled to Bali. This guest post comes from the New family from Four Packs Travel and we appreciate them sharing with us the wonderful service they received from Waterbom park in Kuta during their recent visit to Bali.

We have been traveling the world with our children Ollie (13) and Milla (10) for over two years now, and being from Australia, Bali was the first country we visited thanks to some cheap flights we found.  Not only could we find cheap flights from Melbourne, where we are from, but we had been there before, so it was a logical first step.

As we had just left on our big trip overseas, this was the kids first birthday away from family and friends.  We wanted to do something special for Ollie for his 11th birthday, so we bought him tickets to Waterbom Park, Bali, which is located in Kuta.

Waterbom Park is the number one waterpark in Asia and boasts some pretty awesome rides.  We got there around 10 am and spent two hours racing around the park, going on as many rides as possible, by which time the kids were getting hungry.

They have restaurants within the park so we headed in for lunch at the Shack.  While we were waiting for our food we noticed a cute little squirrel climbing down the trees in search of food.  Ollie thought it would be a good idea to put his hand out towards the squirrel in hopes that it would climb on him.  The squirrel, probably assuming it was being offered some food, took a couple of bites of his finger!

The Shack Waterbom

We quickly went through a range of emotions, and then into panic mode.  As we were in Bali and not in Australia where we don’t have rabies, we had to get him to the hospital to get some rabies shots just in case.

Before we left home on our big adventure we knew we were going to some developing countries and we had got all of our vaccinations up to date.  Because of this, we knew we had a little bit of time before we needed to get to the hospital, and we also had to try and get through to our insurance company to let them know what had happened in anticipation of making a claim.

We figured we needed to get some sort of proof that this had occurred for insurance, so we headed to the first aid office to get an incident report, and that is when we got the biggest surprise!

The park doctor was great and wrote out the report for us, and treated the bite with some antiseptic.  He then asked us to wait for his manager.  The supervisor came and said that there was an ambulance on site and they were going to transfer us to the hospital to get the rabies shots. He then told us that Waterbom Park was going to pay for his medical care, and to top it off, he also gave us a full refund for the entry into the park!

Bali ambulance
Ollie in the ambulance in Bali on the way to the hospital

Ollie was then transferred by ambulance to the hospital, sirens and all.  The ambulance driver was a pro at negotiating the heavy traffic, and if you’ve ever been to Bali you will understand what I mean!  To be honest, we think the driver really enjoyed speeding through the streets with his siren on, and everyone moving out of his way.

The Park supervisor stayed with us while Ollie got his shots, paid for everything, and also covered a taxi back to our apartment.  We were supposed to go back the next day and get another shot, which the park was going to pay for, but we were headed for Singapore.

Bali hospital
Ollie at the hospital in Bali

Our first day in Singapore was spent between airports and hospitals.  We made sure while we were there that we got all the reports, necessary documentation, and receipts that we would need to send to our insurance company.  We scanned and sent our claim through with an email explaining that we tried to call them but couldn’t get through, and we were successfully refunded all of our out of pocket expenses within a few days without any hassle.

The most important thing about insurance companies is that they want everything done according to their procedures, or they won’t pay out.  Make sure you actually read your policy before you leave home, as it could save you some money if you are in the unfortunate situation of needing to make a claim.

I cannot express how grateful we were that Waterbom took away some immediate money concerns, but most importantly how seriously they took the health and wellbeing of our son.  We were beyond blown away by the service and care taken by the employees at Waterbom Park.

Will we be back?  Absolutely!

Written by Jacqui from Four Packs Travel


If you too would love to share a story from your travels to Bali with kids, send me an email kate@rollingalongwithkids.com and we can chat about you writing for Rolling Along With Kids x

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