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Rolling Along With Kids started as a passion to share relevant and useful information to other parents traveling to Bali with their kids. It is a daunting prospect to holiday in Bali for the first time as there is so much information but especially if it’s the first time with kids too! We live in Australia and regularly travel to Bali with our kids that are 9 and 12 years old.  Our son has autism so we are also in touch with the special needs community and what they need to book their holidays.

We understand what questions families will have when planning their holidays to Bali especially in regards on where to stay and what to do. We offer a personalised touch by answering any questions directed our way and in October 2018 released our first ebook on planning a Bali Family Holiday.


We love to work with brands to help promote their products/services to families and travellers interested in travel to Bali. We have an emphasis on accommodation and things to do that are safe for kids and provide great value for money. To be a great fit to work with us it must be kid friendly with preferably toddler safe too. Here are companies that we have worked together with on previous trips in different capacities including sponsored visits and media rates.


We have a great connection through social media with our readers. We do this through Instagram, over 6,700 genuine followers, and Facebook, over 11,300 engaged followers. We also enjoy helping out in our own Facebook Closed Group of 13,000 members where we openly talk about our experiences of visiting Bali. We also use affiliate marketing links to direct our readers.


With our personalised touch and social media reach we can help to maximise your brands exposure to a very receptive audience. We can provide promotion on both our blog and social media channels. We pride ourselves in providing useful and relevant information to our readers to retain their respect. This ensures that if your brand is a good match for their needs they will consider your brand. We also put time and effort into ranking for keywords in Google so there is more of a chance of a review from us ranking for high volume keywords.


Download our Media Kit and send us an email if you would like discuss working together.

Look forward to chatting with you.

Kate xx

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